I was born in Italy on January 24th 1959.

I’m an Italian citizen. I have been moving around the world for many years following my husband that is a civil engineer. From 2006 to 2015 due to my husband job we moved to West Palm Beach (FL). I have spent there the BEST time of my life.

We moved back to Italy, but I left my heart in Florida. My daughter is still leaving there and I try to visit as much as I can.

I have seen the changes during the Obama Era, they did remind me of all the disasters that the democrats have done in Italy and in Europe.

All the illegal immigrants have changed the aspect of our cities, of our schools and our neighbourhoods, taxes are strangulating the business and the people.

They are trying and succeeding in canceling our identity.

We are under the communism.

I prayed so much that the corrupted Hillary (sorry but I don’t feel like using the Miss for her) would not been the next president of the United State and the Lord did listen to my prayers and to the prayers of millions of Americans that are not willing to subdue the country to the communism.

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