Dear Trumpettes and Trumpsters

I would like to share with you a fond memory of Barbara Bush with a humorist story that shows the kind of down to earth, real people the Bush family are. I remember an evening on Halloween in Century City when George H. Bush and Barbara Bush were dining at a table nearby. At that time I was appearing on TV daily and also writing multiple columns. Not having been around politicians, and certainly not Presidents, I thought nothing of walking over to introduce myself and compliment Mrs. Bush on the beautiful dress she was wearing. As I approached the table a number of Secret Service immediately tried to stop me but the President motioned to let me approach. President Bush invited me to sit down and we chatted for a few minutes and I couldn’t get over how much they were enjoying the Halloween layer cake.

When I left the table a few minutes later after asking some “reporter like” questions with a Hollywood flair, a number of people from the press core were agog and they said you’ve got to become one of us. They could not believe I had so easily approached the President and was allowed to talk for a few minutes. I explained that as much as I would love to be a part of their group, I was already busy with my own career.

On their way out of the restaurant President and Mrs. Bush were gracious and stopped by my table to say how nice it was to meet me. Oddly enough that Gemini trait is there, George H. Bush is a Gemini, as is J.F. Kennedy, myself and our President Donald J. Trump.

What lovely genuine and warm people, you will be great missed Barbara Bush. Rest In Peace.

Toni Holt Kramer
Founder and President

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