Having been a Congressional Intern right out of High School, it peaked my interest in politics; however, I married at the end of my internship and my husband’s career in professional sports took us to Europe for the next 13 years. There, I started my own business of importing fitness equipment under the assumed name, Get Fit, SA. Once we were stateside again, I opened a Wellness business and operated it for the next 17 years. Needing more fulfillment, I sold my business and acquired my insurance and real estate license and that is my current profession. I am currently working on a patent for a much needed product. I want to make an impact in the lives of others and what better way than to get together with other like minded ladies!

I believe in Trump. I truly think he wants to “Make America Great Again,” as all do on this platform. The only way to do that, is to unite in numbers and seek passionately to re-elect him in 2024. My goal is to influence as many as possible to get involved with us.

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