Janet Levy (Founder)

Janet Levy is a public health advocate and philanthropist in Palm Beach. Prior to an injury in 2002, she had a successful contract interior design business and sold commercial and industrial real estate. Since 2005, Janet has founded several support groups for young stroke victims, has created information sharing stroke networks and has succeeded in

Gennifer Flowers

Gennifer Flowers is an actor, singer, best selling book author, emcee and media host and guest. She’s also known as the most famous Mistress in the World having had a 12 year affair with President Bill Clinton that came to the attention of the American public in 1992. She’s also a popular radio talk show favorite


Toni Holt Kramer, a woman of major versatility, has had a life as multi-faceted as one can dream. From her childhood days as a cover girl model with the Huntington Hartford Agency to her illustrious career as a renowned Hollywood reporter and on to her present foray into the world as author and Founder of

Karen Hardin

I am proud to be a third generation Californian. My family and I have observed the growth of Orange County, both economically and culturally. As a teenager, I was steeped in the arts and took pleasure in creating architectural renderings. After college, I worked for General William Lyon as a market research analyst. I soon

Lorrie Winnerman

Owner of Lorrie B. Aspen Real Estate, Aspen, Colo. Parents brought me to Aspen as winter home in 1955. Moved to Aspen full time from Minnesota -1979 to raise two sons. Started my real estate practice then and opened my own company in 1994. Consistently sell $50,000,000-$75,000,000 Aspen Real Estate per year. Very active outdoor life style including skiing, hiking,

Terry Ebert Mendozza (Founder)

My name is Terry Ebert-Mendozza. I lived in Manalapan, Florida for 30 years, commuting weekly to Chicago, as CEO of Ebert & Associates, a mega real estate firm with high-rise properties in downtown Chicago. I was the youngest realtor in the State of Illinois, and successfully ran the firm until my retirement in 2012. I was named