Brian Mulvey

Retired Massachusetts resident who spends time in South Florida and has supported President Trump from day one. I also follow Toni and appreciate all she has done for our great President. I have been to 3 of our Presidents great rallies. One before he became president and 2 since.

Angela Finley

Hi my name is Angie. I am a wife, mom & business owner. My husband & I actually own & operate 2 businesses. First is a manufacturing company, we made precision Springs for the aerospace industry & we also have our record label & publishing company for our band, The Swansons. We have been married

Avril Rubin

I am an ardent Trump supporter, was at Mara Lago when he announced he was running for President in 2016 I live in the Envoy the same address as Danielle Davidson. My partner Vince published Miss Universe in1997. America must climb out of the abyss at all costs from we as patriots. President Trump will

Jodi Squires

I am a 50 year old woman from Carlsbad California. I am a strong Republican brought up in the Reagan Era. I was born on the 4th of July and am a forever patriot of the USA. I am a mother, business owner, and Christian believer. I have 2 teenage children and so excited my