From the time I started singing at 8 yrs old in my home state of Montana and around other western United States, I have had the honor to sing for conservative leaders including two Governors of Montana, Phyliss Schlafly, founder of The Eagles Forum and John Wilke founder of Right to life. I was a page in high school for a Republican Congresswoman and Congressman and had the privilige at 16 to sing in the House Chambers for the House of Representatives, Senate and Supreme Court Justices of Montana. My involvement through music as a youth with these experiences solidified my conservative beliefs and interest in politics. I have been involved in singing with Disney cast members and professional groups that perform around Orlando. After 25 years in Orlando, my husband and I recently moved to Boynton Beach. I believe in President Trump and want him to be elected again. Now that I am in South FL, I would like to help in getting him re-elected.

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