Raised 3 beautiful children, ages 22, 20 and 18. Helped run a family owned business for 15 years. Put myself through cosmetology school, truck driving school, and now I’m working on my bachelors and masters degree in Forensic psychology. Lived in Atlanta for about 4-5 years, and worked as a celebrity hairdresser. Moved my family to Jacksonville Florida and began managing salons here, until I decided to go to truck driving school. Drove a big pink truck for a year 1/2, and loved every minute of it. What most people pay to see on vacation, I got paid to see……In March of 2019, I had to stop driving for awhile due to back pain. But it’s okay, because I’ve got to spend time with my children, that I lost over a year 1/2 with while I was out making money for our family. Just found out in May that my mother has stage 4 lung cancer, so been commuting back and forth from Jacksonville Florida to pell city Alabama to help take care of her. I also raise AKC yorkies and yorkie poos. I am an Alabama football fanatic, Yankees baseball fan, and most importantly, a Donald Trump fan. When he was elected President of our great country, I wanted to be a part of the administration in some way. (Is there room for a country/ city/ beach girl somewhere???) After following his presidency, I received a presidential advisory board card in the mail with my name on it, and that made me ecstatic everywhere I go, I show that card off to people, and yes there are people out there who wonder how I got on his board little do they know, I don’t know how I got on that board! And I’ve yet to advise the president on anything, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t! I love our Lord. I love my country. I love my family, and I love my president and his family as well! Creating IG was the best social media experience I’ve had because I can follow everything he and his family are doing. What an amazing family. Love them all! I love fishing, the beach, gardening, traveling and writing. Thank you for reading my bio, and God bless

Follow your heart. Why do tomorrow what you can do today? Carpe diem

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