I’m a native Floridian and proud, passionate member of the GOP since I first registered to vote in Florida at age 18. (I once sent jelly beans as a child to my beloved President Reagan wishing I was old enough to vote). I adore my President and have admired him for many years learning what a wonderful person and loyal friend he is from my cousin with whom he is very close with. I’m in the medical marketing field, a part-time counselor in psychotherapy, and part-time adjunct Professor here in Florida, and of course, a Passionately Proud Patriot.

As Patriots and loyal Americans it is our duty to support this great republic that was brilliantly formed by our forefathers with their insight and past experiences, and to defend it from all foreign and domestic enemies. These next few years are crucial in preserving and protecting our freedoms, values and beliefs, the foundation from which we live that so many now wish to destroy, some even from within. Our President works tirelessly to preserve this great nation and he needs our support to continue to Keep America Great!

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