I’m retired from a long time career in S Florida as a teacher and ‘State of Florida’ award winning school/district administrator. Having attended Pratt Institute, Barry, UM, and Nova Universities, I have a diverse background that lends itself to many careers, thus previous to and throughout my education career I have worked in the arts, as an artist, designer, actress, & model. I’ve worked on film in New York, locally, and abroad as a costume designer and actress, achieving numerous accolades. Currently I consult in school improvement, dabble in real estate and design, and am licensed in health, life, annuities. Life has always included getting the right candidate elected, fighting for the right female health care, and supporting friends/family to pursue a life of health, wealth, and freedom!

My current mission is supporting candidates to Save America and I am doing what I can to get Donald J Trump elected! America needs controlled borders, jobs brought back to America, the opportunity for all businesses to flourish, the competition of healthcare to provide multiple choices of coverage, the opportunity for freedom of education, the opportunity for individuals to feel worth and respect from the work they do and the contribution they make to society, freedom from future billions of debt, and most of all the security to function daily without fear! Donald J. Trump has the vision to surround himself with the brightest and the best to #MAGA ! Donald J. Trump should be the next President of the United States!

I wonder about a TV ad I recently saw that asks ‘do you want this man to be president for your daughters’ being shown on a music video tv station that follows the ad with unclothed young people that are in explicit sexual performances, followed by crude, foul mouthed rap music, which begs me to ask ‘can someone showing such lust and disgust make a decision for your daughters’.

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