Everyone’s talking about a brand new dance move, come on baby do the “Hillary shimmy”! The “Hillary shimmy”, that’s what everyone is tweeting today. It’s not who won the debate that has Americans talking. It’s Hillary’s new dance move that has Americans really talking. Dancing during a debate? Seriously? Does America really think Hillary Clinton would actually do something so idiotic as to “shimmy” during a presidential debate? Hillary Clinton is a woman. Why on earth would she of all people choose to “shimmy” and make a spectacle of herself on national television? She wouldn’t, and she didn’t. I do believe there was much more going on during the first presidential debate held last night.

    In my opinion, Hillary was not doing a little dance at the podium during last night’s debate. I think America witnessed Hillary having a mini seizure. Hillary’s head bobbled a bit as she did what has been deemed as the “shoulder shimmy”. At the end of the bobble, and “shoulder shimmy” Hillary blows out as if to blow a sigh of relief. Upon looking at the tape anyone with an open mind will agree. Not to mention that as much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I give her credit for taking a debate a little more seriously than she did last night. The laughter and the smiling were an insult to Americans. The state of the nation is no laughing matter. However, doing a little dance move is even a bit low for the likes of Hillary. My take, Hillary did not mean to be “cute” with her little “shoulder shimmy”. I do believe the nation may quite possibly have witnessed Hillary having a mini seizure. America has seen it before. Hillary in a blue suit jerks her head violently in front of reporters and others. She passed it off then as laughing hysterically. It was a nice try, but America failed to buy her having a riot of a time. Hillary has gotten quite good at hiding her possible seizures with giddiness and ridiculous behavior. Last night was not a time for silliness, it was a time for seriousness. The Hillary “shoulder shimmy” was pure “silliness”. Then again if it were indeed a seizure, it was pure seriousness. 
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