Raised on Long Island only a few miles from where Donald Trump grew up, we shared many of the same early life experiences and affiliations. Trump became a business man, I became a doctor. My first professional employment was under the Carter administration at the Department of Justice and worked there until Reagan era. Moved to Santa Monica, CA. where I began my practice as a Neuro Psychologist. Being a workaholic, I took on another position with the State of California Corrections Department and worked 16 hour days serving the State and my own practice. Over the last 10 years, I slimmed down my work as a psychologist and started a Media Company and Online Entertainment Magazine. I call that the balancing formula. After so many years of working in prisons, with unhappy people and in psych wards, I needed to have some fun. I must say, after many ups and downs, I am blessed and having fun. Service is still my mantra.

“I have not come to be served but to serve.”

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