I’m a native New Yorker, graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, and an entrepreneur in the beauty business. I currently reside in Ocala Florida, am married, have two grown children and a lifelong Republican. I frequent Palm Beach several times a year for pleasure and met a lovely lady named Lana at the Catholic church and she told my husband and me about your organization. At the time I thought I must be a part of this amazing group of women! So at this crucial time in our country, I feel it is my patriotic duty to be a member of your organization as it supports our President Tump so strongly. I’ve been a supporter since day 1 and feel he is our “Defender of our Democracy”

I do my best to live by the Ten Commandments & The Golden Rule. I am Unapologetically American. I support and respect the President and our Flag and feel it is my responsibility to engage in conversation to encourage and defend the same.