Hi Trumpettes!
My name is Eva Garcia Wiley, I’m a proud Latin American woman whom stands by our president! I was inspired to create a special custom logo for women hats. For each hat sold I will be donating $1 towards the Trump Campaign. I would really like to join in to be part of a great organization of women whom strongly supports our President! I did mail Trump a couple of hats to the White House and in hopes they do get to him. My website is www.Trumpette2020.com I would also love to mail a few hats to you at no charge being that you know the purpose of why I am doing this!

I did this because like a lot of us minorities that the left and media categorizes us in and feels they speak for ALL of us bothered me. I want to show them and express that they are not going to make us feel that we need the government’s hand outs and take away from those whom enrich our country. Those whom enrich, in effect enriches us too. We live in a country that allows us to Capitalize and provide for others which, allows others to provide for their families.
How dare they call our president races and anyone whom supports him races! My parents live in Mexico and we know the importance of the wall, it is there to protect us. My mom was a victim of our own people in Mexico of kidnapping and my father had to take $15,000 of his hard earned money from his retirement to pay them off. If our country was not such a great country why is it that everyone is trying to climb the walls to come in and not get out!

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