Jamie grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and attended Clemson University. I received a bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in political science and went on to receive my Masters degree. I’m a single “dog-mom” to a 120 lb. Labrador. I love hunting, especially deer, the outdoors, and fishing, and during the fall you can find me in the woods deer hunting or at a Clemson Football game.

People know and have been called a Trump Loyalist meaning I will always support him endlessly nothing can change my mind. I’m loyal to a fault. I work tirelessly to support and educate others on President Trumps policy’s and all the good he is and has done. I manage 2 Team Trump Facebook pages, and listen to Rush Limbaugh every day where I share points form his articles to inform others of what they don’t hear. Trump revived my interest in politics I lost during the Bush and Obama years. I was tired of no results and politicians. I was on the Trump Train from the start—before he rode down the elevator, when others thought I was crazy but I told them wait and see. He’s amazing and unlike any president we have had. He’s accomplished so much and continues to amaze me with draining that nasty swamp!

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