I am a retired businesswoman, having established and run my own successful Financial Services business for some 30 years. I have 3 sons, all in business and one of whom continues with the Financial Services business. Since retirement I have taken on roles such as Chairman of the Body Corporate of our building, and am currently Treasurer of the same committee. While not closely involved in politics in Australia, I follow it closely – often in despair at what ha happened to our country!
I have watched Donald Trump from the beginning of his involvement in the political arena –  initially with huge doubts! But I came to believe in his ability, strength and determination to rid America of the poisons and corruption of so many years. I wish we had a Donald Trump here in Australia! We are in grave danger of having a “Labour” or “Democrat” government take over in Australia in the next few months. And I’ve seen it all before and know how long it takes a sensible government to repair the damage.