I don’t mean to brag, but I’m from Texas. Christian, conservative mother, wife, teacher and 7th generation Tejana, who resides in San Antonio, Texas. Member of the Bexar County Republican Women’s Club, the first Women’s Republican Club in Texas, and the third oldest Women’s Republican Club in the United States. I am a volunteer grassroots worker/consultant and social media promoter @GOPTEJANAForTExas) for Texas GOP conservative candidates, who appreciates and loves Donald J. Trump.

To promote Donald J. Trump, especially in the hispanic community, but without the caveat of identity politics; basically the separatist politics that involves having a “Latinos for Trump” or “Hispanics for Trump”. I long for the day we can just be “American’s for Trump”, so do not join the groups that separate us according to the color of our skin. While I understand their usefulness…I do not see myself as “separate” or a hyphenated American.

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