My name is Joy Marks and I live with my husband Alan in Delray Beach, Florida. We are affiliated with the RNC for many years and my entire family supports President Trump. We co-own a number of companies in the New York area as well as in the state of Florida. I am a grandmother and the newest addition is just 4 weeks old!

My mission would be to work assiduously in President Trump’s re-election campaign along with all the other Trumpettes and Trumpsters and supporters. I want very much to be a Trumpette and to work in tandem with this very special group who are devoted to our dear President and the RNC. I know I can be of great help. It would be an honor and a privilege to work in that endeavor to helping President Trump and our country achieve great success in winning the election of 2020. I just recently purchased a bag from Starr Wren that says TRUMP on one side and 2020 on the other!

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