My name is Linda LoFaro and we met at Mar-a lago on jan 18th at the red white and blue party. We spoke about my grandmother Mrs. Ethel Caragine she has known the Trump family for many years and knew Mr. Trump Sr. for may years. last summer we went to the Trump Rally at the South Florida Fair grounds and my grandmother attended in her wheel chair. In Nov she had the pleasure of Voting for him. now i know you may think this is just normal and to most it is, you see Ms Toni My grandmother will be 105 yrs old on July 27th 2018 she was born on July 27th 1913. she is originally from Yonkers, New York and worked all of her life in catering. She live with me here in West Palm Beach Florida. She is very healthy no health issues at all. She does not take any medication just baby aspirin. she would really like the chance to see President Trump one day if that is at all possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this respectfully.

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