I am a 40yr old Hispanic wife & mother of 4. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My parents met in high school, also in Los Angeles, after both migrated from Mexico as children when both their older sisters married military men, coincidentally! I studied Mass Communications in College, and dropped out 1 math class shy of my A.S. degree, when I began a successful (short) career as a Real Estate agent. It was around this time I read The Art of the Deal, and was in awe of the greatDonald Trump. I went on to be a huge fan of The Apprentice, never missing one episode. I was mesmerized at the way he operated! When he announced his run for President, despite the shock from friends and family around me, I became a steadfast Trump supporter, AND HAVE NEVER SWAYED! I know he is a great hearted man, a one and only on this planet. This world has never seen a leader of this magnitude! I was also a registered Republican since the age of 18. It was then I was first told by my mom that “we belong to the Democratic party”. Well, not after I read what I read, and quickly realized at that age, that my ideas and beliefs were more aligned to the Conservative party. So here I am! A Christian conservative, who would feel honored to be a part of this group.

All I want for my family is to live in peace and harmony, in this the greatest country in the world. I feel fortunate to be alive in these times, the Trump era, where we are in essence witnessing the salvation of America. We were on the verge of losing our ideals, our values, and he came and gave us hope! I am in the process of retaking my Real Estate career, and my ultimate goal and dream would be to work somehow with Pres. Trump and build “Trump Malls of America”! A chain of indoor shopping centers with the “golden midas touch” of class and luxury that he adds to whatever he touches, lol. I want to offer my support and energy to his leadership. Everyday I try to campaign in my own small way, and reach out to many people as possible, in favor of our great President.

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