I am an american. My grandparents immigrated here from Germany and also Mexico. I love California. I’m a huge supporter and want to become a trumpette. I do not have the financial resources to join currently but want to reach out to you remarkable ladies to help me fundraise to join and do my part to support out comainder and chief. I am prior service. Was in the military for 4 years in the army. And currently working to become the next pr extraordinaire like Jonathan cheban. I love events. I do napa film festival every year and style fashion week. I would like to go to the next level and support my political leaders in which we all so faithfully admire and follow, mister Donald Trump.

I want America to improve. We need to uproot ourselves from the ashes the country has developed and do our very best to come together and do out part to make america great again. In a public relations agent and I want to do more in politics and working for and alongside you ladies would be an honor, please help me save as much as possible to save up to join. If you approve me it will be highly beneficial for the company to have a younger mixed race lady but I do have an old soul and i do a lot of research can provide so much to help the trumpeted and our events. I’m looking forward to another 4 years of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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