My name is Lucia V. Concepcion. I am an American born in Cuba. On a sunny day, in July 9, 1970 my parents and siblings sat foot in Miami, Florida. I was just 11 years old. On that date, I was born again!!! As I walked out of the plane, I felt the most beautiful feeling a child could experienced… “Freedom”.. An unforgettable day!!!

To this day, I still remember my first day in Miami. We stayed at the Freedom Tower. We were showered with clothing, food and gifts!! I knew in my heart that this was MY HOME!!! The land of the free and the land of the brave.

Our days in Miami were short. Few days later, got on another Pam Am aircraft and moved to California. Then moved to Florida in 1973.

I become interested in politics when I saw Ronald Reagan on television for the first time … I was curious about Ron and asked my uncle about WHO was this noble looking fellow.

After a long conversation with uncle Carrillo and the american politics, I predicted that some day, Reagan will be the president of the U.S. The rest is history!!!

I knew then, in my heart, I was a child in training, to be some day, a conservative republican party deplorable. I am so proud of it!!

I am married, with two adult children. My husband, Carlos Concepcion, a litigator in Florida and the State of Texas. He’s currently a partner at Jones Day. Our daughter Christine also an attorney and associate for DLE. Piper in Miami. My son, Alexander lives in Austin Texas, a real estate investor.

I work for a small real estate firm in Miami as a sales associate. During the 90’s I worked with my husband at his law firm as legal assistant and later the office administrator.

In regards to politics and my love for my president, it can’t never be questioned. I am a conservative to the core of my being. In the last election, I donated and campaigned for Donald Trump. I was a poll watcher on election day. Loved every minute of it. I will tell you my sweet encounter with HC’s poll watcher… It was divine and classy, of course.!!!

At the end of the election day, I wished the OTHER poll watcher “good luck”. I thought I was the proper and decent thing to say.. Well, her response was ” I can’t wish you the same” I replied: The lord has chosen the next president and its not your candidate.

Short Mission Statement My mission statement:
1. I will always support our president.
2. I will fight to reserve and respect the constitution of our founding fathers.
3. I will do my part to help stop the spread of socialist and radicals who are poisoning our American values.
4. I will support building the wall.
5. I will continue to fighting the press and news outlets using social media.
6. I will help to stop the spread of Globalist ideology
7. Bring justice to the Clintons.

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