Owned 1st Model.Agency for Plus and Petite Models; Mt. Holyoke Grad; Professional Public Speaker; Appeared on more than 800 TV shows; Published 5 books- fashion and short stories; Had Adorable Deplorables on FB in 2016.Today, run political Pro-Trump Mouth on FB Page Mary P. Duffy. Live in NYC- married to Liberal don’t ask- with ShihTzu.

To see President Trump re- elected, respected, and to see this Neo- Socialism nonsense go away. Also not to be missed are:
-New immigrants who think We should change to accommodate them,
-Anti semites,
-America haters,
-Those who think we can change history by taking down statues,
-National Anthem Haters;
-More Illegal Immigrants, Kindly, deal with those already here.

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