I am Mary Ellen Bloomingdale,Mary Ellen Bloomingdale

Being a strong concretive Republican, lead me to believe in business ownership, free enterprise and earning as much as I was able. The evaluation of my beliefs gained me a place in the ownership of my own businesses in the Real Estate field as a California Broker and Investor for more than 34 years.

Building not only a Real Estate Brokerage Company, but a large Property Management Company as well as, being one of the first female solely owned businesses in San Diego, California.

During these years, I became very aware and involved in not only analyzation of economic trends, together with the political arena driving it. Also seeing it being driven into a new culture of lower standers of society, pride in self, and the inability to think or observe what appears in their surroundings.

Free enterprise is the American way, and we must help keep it that way. I fully believe in Donald Trump, after all, look at his past and present, he is the poster boy for the American way . Open and forthright is what America is begging for.

There is no drought that too many Americans do not understand that they have been and are being led by lies, cover ups, corrupt government which has taken from so many hard working peoples and allowed too many to become takers instead of being a part of the betterment of the American way.

Donald Trump sees the demise of the American standard and the lack of proper education of our budding children. Their education is lacking the values that the great generation built along the way of developing country. The politics in our schools has been invaded by liberal thinking, and continues to redirect education to a far lower level than most countries in the world. This must stop and Donald Trump can do this by his tough stance on all that he sees that have taken place in the current 7 years , with an administration that has been very successful in creating division in our people, waste in spending, burdening our lives and our children thereafter. This must be stopped and must be repaired, this redirection driving America to a far less admired in the eye of the world.
Mr. Trump understand that to make “ America great again “ everything must be revised, diminished and rebuilt.

God Bless Mr. Donald Trump for stepping up for the future of America .

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