Originally from Butts, Georgia, I grew up in the beautiful cotton fields that my family has farmed for generations. A former beauty queen, I have always enjoyed both the pace and conservative values of the country, but also the glamour and vitality of the city.

Today, I make my living in the bail bonding business, as the “Blonde Bonder” in historic Savannah Georgia. Even today I maintain both a tomboy attitude and glamour girl hobbies. I’m just as at home at neiman Marcus as I am in the courthouse. I run a non profit organization Savannah Belle Foundation, named after my beloved English bulldog, who is from port st lucie. We help the elderly in the community, visiting nursing homes, delivering gifts during the holidays and entertaining them by playing piano (one of the talents from my beauty pageant days); always leaving a stuffed white bulldog with them. We also feed the homeless in the community during holidays.

Politically, I am a registered republican. I fell in love with the Reagans as a young girl, and have had a lifelong fascination with Nancy Reagan. I eventually built a personal relationship with her, visiting her at the presidential library. I even purchased some of her dresses and handbags after her passing from Christie’s. I think no president since Ronald Reagan has captured the bravado and panache for rallying and leading our nation until Donald Trump! Locally, I support the Republican Party as well as an avid supporter of conservative morals and values.

As a Trumpette, I hope to share and spread the values and beliefs of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. I think as republicans, one of our opportunities lies in sharing the beliefs of the party across partisan lines. I believe I have a unique ability for an open dialogue with non republicans in a constructive way, explaining why conservatives is truly the American way. I have “Converted” many of my liberal friends, and those I haven’t have at least heard my point of view from a place of compassion and productivity.

I also hope to bring my charitable concerns to light, helping to garner support for the elderly and homeless populations in all our respective communities, so we can all learn to cherish and value ALL the members of society.

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