Meredith Hope had a diverse career spanning both technical and artistic endeavors. She started her career as a DOD defense contractor providing custom built computer hardware and software to all branches of the military and intelligence community. Along with Northrop Grumman Meredith created command and control communication centers that were acknowledged by President Bush 43 as the standard for within the intelligence community. Additionally, she owned one of the largest ISP in Chicago and manufactured one of the fifty fastest industrial computers at the time. Her work spanned internationally to include satellite communications for our embassies and in addition, built the first private ISP, first online bank, and computerized the largest mining asset in Zimbabwe.

Presently Meredith owns Meredith Hope Jewelry and Accessories, designing beautiful wearable statement jewelry, as well as silk textiles. She has expanded her love of fashion to support the President and has extended her line to include patriotic accessories.

Meredith is a member of the Capital Hill Club, the Right Now Women’s PAC and the Women for Trump PAC.

She splits her time between Palm Beach, Los Angeles and Washington DC and is very active and philanthropic, with most of her focus going towards fundraising for political causes.

Her focus is to support our President and to preserve the values that our country was founded upon, she is the scion of our founding fathers and believes their legacies should be preserved. Meredith practices these principals and asks future leaders to uphold them ensuring the American dream can be had by all.

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