German-born but American at heart, I arrived figuratively waving the American flag as a child in 1977. I grew up in Miami, became an American citizen in 1997, and have been active in politics ever since. I studied and gained a degree in Art History from New York University, moved to Europe in 2005 to work in art institutions in Germany and London, and recently came back to my native Florida (Boca Raton) wanting to make a difference politically. A former Democrat, I ‘walked away’ during the last years of the Obama presidency having grown more and more disappointed, misled, and lied to. President Trump changed all that and I supported him from the moment I watched him descend on the escalator at Trump Tower with the beautiful Melania by his side. I am 52 years young, I love the United States of America, I love our great President and will defend him to the bitter end! Now home in Boca Raton since August, I am ready to do what I can to support his 2020 campaign and ensure we get another 4 years of greatness in the White House.

A passionate supporter of our great President, I recently moved back to Florida after living in Europe for almost 15 years. After witnessing first hand what the disastrous globalist agenda had done to my ancestral Germany and my then home in the United Kingdom, I felt it was time to come back to my country to help in whichever way I could to re-elect President Trump. Having felt isolated and marginalized in Britain, I am searching for a family of likeminded Conservatives and Trump supporters. My mission is to join forces with the Trumpettes and help to influence others on the urgency of supporting the Make America Great Again agenda. Never before has our great country hung in the balance like today. We must fight passionately to reinstate our nation’s greatness, under President Trump.

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