Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

What do you get when you mix leaky media tents, high temperatures, traffic gridlock, protesters in abundance, a corrupt chairman, lying politicians, and venues without food, nor water, and trash piled sky high? If you guessed the Democratic Convention, you would be correct. Word is the media is missing Cleveland. Who knew Cleveland could be missed? By the week’s end, Cleveland won’t be the only thing missed by the media. The media will actually miss honest and in-politically correct politicians. The media will no doubt miss Donald Trump!

Say what you will about the Republican Presidential Nominee, but one thing can not be denied, Donald Trump is not politically correct. Not being politically correct is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. People want to hear the truth, not patronizing lies. Last night’s opening night of the Democratic Convention was nothing more than lies and an exploitation of Blacks, Hispanics, Gay people, and disabled people. Frankly, I wondered if anyone White would ever take the stage. Just about every person that took to the podium spoke out against Whites and spoke in favor of Blacks and Hispanics. I had to wonder if this was a presidential election or a Black Lives Matters Convention. First Lady took to the podium and gave a luke warm speech on being Black and having her daughters play on the grounds of the White House as her husband had become the first Black President. Perhaps Michelle doesn’t know this, but America can see that she is Black, and America knows her husband is Black as well. America need not be reminded that America has a Black President and First Lady. America has suffered due to her husband, and not because he is Black, but because he has done nothing positive for this country. As bad as Michelle’s husband has been, I fear Hillary will be even worse. Speaking of Hillary, Michelle went on to praise Hillary Clinton, the very woman she trashed talked during the last Democratic primary in which her husband was running against Hillary Clinton. “If you can’t run your own house you can’t run the White House!” Truer words have never been said of the soon to be Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hillary Clinton. Michelle Obama spoke the truth four years ago, today she speaks in lies, but then it is the Democratic party of whom we are speaking. The Democratic Party is nothing more that a party of political correctness and lies.

Being Black, being Hispanic, being disabled, and being gay was all that was of importance to the Democrats on their opening night of the Convention. Last night was indicative of the past eight years. The past eight years have been nothing more than a divided America. We have gone from a country of being “one”, to a country of division. The past eight years have been nothing more than repeat rhetoric. “He’s white, he’s favored, he’s Black he’s held back. Slavery and discrimination had for the most part been put in the past. Discrimination still existed in some areas of the country, but very few. Blacks and Hispanics have been given and given, and no matter how much they are given and they take they seem to want and complain all the more. Whites are not hired due to their race, whites are not given jobs due to their race, colleges are never named “White”, and clubs and organizations are never named “White”. Whites are far more discriminated against today than Blacks and that’s the truth. While being White or Black is neither here nor there for the vast Majority of this nation, it is for the Democratic Party. What happened? What happened to America being “one”? What happened is Barrack Hussein Obama had a mission, a mission to divide and destroy America and he’s done a fine job at that.

Being politically correct and pandering to the Blacks and Hispanics seemed to be the theme for opening night at the DNC Convention. Much of the rhetoric was that of a  “woe is me, I am Black” or “woe is me, I am Hispanic”, and Donald Trump is such a bad guy. Please! Enough already! The Democrats do not really care about the Blacks, Hispanics, disabled, or gay people. The Democrats are not about caring. They are about controlling! They care about getting votes. They care about gaining control and nothing more. As a Hispanic, disabled young woman took to the stage, I couldn’t help, but think, “oh good Lord, Hispanic and disabled?” “Seriously?” How opportune was that?  Actually, the Democrats had a double header with another two for one. Retired NBA basketball player, Jason Collins came out in support for Hillary. Jason Collins is both Black and Gay! I’m shocked the Democrats did not turn out a Black, Hispanic, Gay, disabled man or woman. Word is they’re desperately attempting to find one, but so far to no avail. In watching the Democratic Convention, I felt sorry for the speakers, as the goal of the DNC could not have been any more obvious. The goal was to parade Blacks and Hispanics on stage as to say, “we are the party of Blacks and Hispanics.” The goal was also to parade a disabled young woman and a gay man as to say “we are the party of the gay and disabled community.” Had these speakers been spaced out it might not had been so obvious, but in night one America was bombarded with Blacks, Hispanics, a gay man and a disabled young woman. Frankly, I felt sorry for those who were being exploited and used, being used for a party that has no real concern for anyone, but themselves.

The Democrats spent much of the evening attacking Donald Trump, but not providing the facts. The Democrats portrayed Donald Trump as a racist and someone who does not like Blacks or Hispanics. The image the Democrats portrayed was a lie. Donald Trump does not want illegal immigrants coming into the country. Donald Trump knows many of the illegal immigrants that have been given a place to live in sanctuary cities  are murderers, rapists, and thugs. Far be it for the Democrats to show the families of those Americans killed by illegal immigrants. Far be it for the Democrats to exploit women raped by illegal immigrants. Far be it for the Democrats to exploit the truth. Truth is Donald Trump has NO problem with people coming to America if they come legally, and legal immigrants feel the same.

Sixty one speakers at the Democratic Convention on night one, and not one speaker spoke of ISIS. Not one speaker spoke of defeating ISIS. With ISIS striking on a daily basis, one would have thought ISIS would have been on the radar of at least one of the speakers, but it was not. When ISIS, America’s enemy number one is not on the minds of  one speaker at the Democratic Convention, one has cause for concern. ISIS should be on the minds of each and every Democrat, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, and Muslim. ISIS wants to destroy and take over the world. ISIS is literally striking every day. Today again France was affected as an 86 year old priest was beheaded in front of people attending mass and nuns. ISIS is winning. The JV team is succeeding, and we and the rest of the world are failing, We are failing and no one seems to be doing anything. Instead, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential nominee, wants to increase America’s intake of Syrian refugees by 550%! As Donald Trump has said, if Hillary allows the thousands of Syrian immigrants into our country that she desires, America will have its very own “Trojan Horse”. I believe it will be bigger than the historic “Trojan Horse”. I believe it will be the destruction of the United States of America as we know it today.

Lies, and more lies that is all that can be said of the Democrats. As  the one token White woman, Elizabeth Warren spoke, Bernie Sanders protesters disturbed her speech. “We trusted you, we trusted you!” Over and over disgruntled Bernie supporters yelled out their disgust. With the resignation of the Democratic Committee Chairman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Bernie supporters learned of how their party had defied them. Bernie supporters learned of how their candidate was made fun of, cheated, and exploited. They also learned that Hillary Clinton had rewarded the very person who had a key role in their candidate’s loss. Just after Wasserman Shultz was booed off the DNC stage, supporters learned of Wasserman Shultz being hired by Hillary Clinton.

The evening’s high point came as Bernie Sanders took to the stage. The loudest applause was heard as he stepped up to the podium. While the applause at Bernie’s appearance was the loudest of the evening, the applause was almost as loud, if not louder as Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, the 1% that Bernie had spoken against again and again. Bernie supporters were disappointed as well they should. Bernie supporters know he lost due to Hillary’s lies and corruption. Bernie’s supporters also know Hillary and Bill Clinton went from being broke to being worth over 200 million dollars. In watching Bernie at the DNC Convention, many supporters are sure to question Bernie’s motives and being a candidate of the people. How could a man so against the 1% and so against Wall Street, be suddenly so supportive of everything he is against? How could a man who lost an election due to the presumptive nominee’s being corrupt and in-genuine, suddenly turn on a dime? How? How, is perhaps Bernie has gotten a taste of the Democratic bug for money and power. How is perhaps Bernie was never a man of the people at all, but a man for himself. How is perhaps like many politicians, Bernie was that of a chameleon, a man playing a role…

All in all, the Democratic National Convention is nothing more than a dog and pony show. The Democrats want not for the people of this country to excel, succeed ,and prosper. The Democrats want for them and only them. They want nothing more than  to be the 1%, and for everyone else to be their slaves. While Hillary, Bill, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Obama, Michelle, and others jet set around the world, sip fancy champagne, and stay in the finest hotels, the rest of us slave away. We work hard and take very few, if any vacations. The fact is while the elite Democrats are counting their millions, ISIS is growing. ISIS is growing in leaps and bounds, and ISIS is winning. Without a strong military and the securing of borders, America and its  1% will be nothing. America will be nothing if God help us, Hillary Clinton is elected as the next president of the United States. With that being said, Black, White, and Hispanic must come together and support Donald Trump. We must elect Donald Trump!

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

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