I am a graduate of the University of Illinois with a psychology degree. My husband and I moved to Florida right out of college 30 years ago. We currently reside in Jupiter Florida. I recently retired from the medical community and spend my time enjoying the Florida life. I have two children who graduated from Florida State University. My daughter is a teacher and my son is an Environmental Biologist. They both reside in Jupiter and we love spending time with them. When I am not giving back to the community I spend my time playing with dogs, running marathons and supporting the Republicans and my President.

My mission is to continue to educated my fellow Americans that the way to continue to keep America great is to continue to grow economic prosperity. One must believe that the free market and individual achievements are the factors that make America Great. I will continue to support a strong national defense. I will also continue to hold my high moral Christian values and to show others how to respect the American traditions. I will continue to uphold the constitution and all its amendments that I hold dear to my heart. My mission is to Restore the American Dream!

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