Briefly, I am a CEO/Business Owner for over 30 years, of an Insurance & Financial Planning Company and a Media Company for 20 years. I am a founder/publisher of magazines.
A writer/author of 5 books, which are in the phases of now being published/printed for public access. I am a Commissioner of the Governor (FL), an Appointed by the Governor and Senate Confirmed position for 20 years (Bush, Crist, Scott, DeSantis). I am a single mother of 4–I raised 4 very great and successful children alone, but not alone-God’s greatest gift to me. I am a servant and vessel of and for Jehovah God, our Maker and Father, my greatest honor and blessing. I do know and believe, without a doubt, that He placed our now President, Donald Trump, into the Prophetic Place he is now serving in. As President of our Country and the USA.

My Mission Statement has always been and stayed the same:
To Love God, Family, & My Country.
To Serve and Never Be Self-Serving.
To Help Those Less Fortunate. To Be Kind To All. To Love Unconditionally.
I am only blessed when a blessing.

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