Grew up in SE coastal NC. Graduated college from UNC-Wilmington, NC. Lived in Atlanta, Ga for several years and moved back to the coast. For the past 30 years I have lived in Cary, NC outside of Raleigh. Have spent most of my career in residential interior design working with developers, and residential clients. Married to Mark Little, a software developer for SAS Institute for 25 years. We are

My goal is to assist in retaining the American values and ideals that I grew up with. My values tend to be conservative. I believe in 1) Maintaining a strong economy and opportunities for all, 2) Keeping our borders strong against drugs, crime and Democrats loading cities with illegals, 3) Supporting Law Enforcement so that our streets are safe 4) Eliminate the Teachers Union which is destroying the values and quality ,competitive education our students used to enjoy…among other things. I plan to accomplish this by supporting President Trump and the other like-minded candidates to run our government. Our government, media and economy should not be so heavily influenced by China. Until President Trump spoke our so clearly on this, I didn’t realize how devastatingly bad this situation had become. He made great strides to provide awareness and limit their power. Thankfully!

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