I have served in 3 Republican Presidential Administrations-my first was Reagan–I never thought I could love a President more, but Trump is it–he is a hero who stepped in at a time of historic crisis, a real Geo. Washington-level leader of this country! Despite all the media flare-ups I knew Trump would win from the start of the primaries. I started helping Trump by making the CallFire calls during the New Hampshire Primary; went on to South Carolina for more primary effort calls and I was there at the Trump Victory Party in Spartanburg–the night the Trump Presidential race got real. I went on to Texas, and to Florida to help the Trump Primary effort– making calls & signs—I worked the Boca Raton Trump Rally (where he signed my South Carolina Trump Volunteer badge!). I was in NYC for the formal announcement of the VP; went to the 1st Presidential debate, and on the next day to Trump Tower Call-Day with Eric Trump (on Mnuchin’s high-dollar caller team); on to Las Vegas for the 3rd Presidential debate & call day with Don Trump. I was in the Trump VIP Room at the Hilton Victory Night in NYC, calm with my faith he would win, waiting to have Trump’s Victory declared to the world. So, I was there during the election & attended the Inaugural. ** But, I also have a sad story–I live on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC–and last April when the Climate March was ready to start right here where I lived (10,000 protesters strong)–I went out with my Trump flag because they had such ugly signs about Trump’s first 100 days, and I felt Trump needed someone, visibly, out there–on the street supporting him—unfortunately, I was the only one! I–was arrested —and assaulted by law enforcement who taunted me for supporting Trump—I ended up in the hospital with a dislocated elbow and torn muscles—but, I stood up for Trump, and despite the injury I am glad I did. This is a bit inconsistent with my Dallas convent education, and attending Hollins College, the oldest women’s college in Virginia & as a former Board of Directors member of the Junior League–but what the heck–don’t diss my President!

Quick Background: Reagan: campaign/transition/White House staffer. Bush 41: campaign speechwriter, Inaugural staff, speechwriter to Secy of Energy, worked with the DOE National Labs. Senate staff for Senator Gramm of Texas. Visiting Scholar at a Virtual Reality Lab at the U of Washington in Seattle (meet my geek husband!). Bush 43: Appointee at Department of Energy working with getting more women into high tech areas. Current: Co-founder & Board of Directors, Astrapi (a high tech company with an innovation that addresses the spectrum crisis)

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