One of the best Birthdays I had was 2015. I was onboard a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean with my co-founder of TrumpettesUSA, Terry Lee Ebert Mendoza, and our husbands, when we heard the great news that Donald J. Trump was going to run for President.
Well, I’m not happy that Trump is not President today, as our world was so much better when he was. But I am thrilled that he was the keynote speaker at the Faith and Freedom’s Coalition’s Road to Majority Policy Conference in Nashville, Tennessee this past Friday, June 17th, and since it was the day after my Birthday, I take that as an omen that better things are coming our way. Here’s a glimpse of one of my parties at the wonderful Spencer’s Restaurant outdoors, on their patio. It’s like a magical garden with huge umbrellas and huge fans.
Sharing my beautiful evening was my husband, of almost 30 years, Robert Kramer, and my long term friend-“sis” Ruta Lee as our friendship and careers have intertwined for years. We were very happy to celebrate, since we’re going to take our long running “Talk of the Town” TV series, which has more stars in it than in the heavens, and revamp it so we can get it out to the people who will love it today.
The highlight for me of the evening was receiving a Blessing from Ruta Lee’s house guest Monsignor Edmond, the Vatican liaison for Lithuania Parishes throughout the world.
More to come as the week continues.
Love you all, Toni
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