I am a 43 year old mother of 2 and wife of a retired military man. I work as a receptionist in Hamburg, New York. I followed this campaign closely and have total faith in President Trump.

I am a mother of a 15 year girl who is absolutely in love with President Trump. She thinks that he the greatest man to walk this earth. Myself, my husband, my 17 year old son and my daughter have complete faith the President Trump will “Make America Great Again” and I preach to everyone that likes to tell me different. I wish that every women would actually listen and pay attention to the world around us and that it isn’t working the way it has been run. They try to accuse President of being a racist, against the gay community and women but have they really ever paid close attention to the fact that Hilary Clinton herself has made many racist remarks and bashed the women, blaming THEM, for her husbands indiscretions. There are so many other reasons that these women need to wake up but I just want to say that I absolute faith in President Trump and my daughter hopes to work on his campaign 4 years from now. If there is no age limit my daughter would also love be a trumpet…her name is Mya LaPare!

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