I am a real suburban female artist mother wife. Under my corporation global proffitt Ltd I have two businesses. SHEWARE and sheilaink.com I am a huge trump supporter along with many real suburban girlfriends! I humbly ask you to Please view my website sheilaink.com I am mailing pro President Trump decals to famous faces to keep my momentum circulating! and also driving to manufacturing corporations and private homes throughout Ohio. if I see Trump signsI pull in… introduce myself by saying “hi I’m sheila I am a trumper too please choose a free decal” it creates an instant bond as we share the same goal, re-elect President Trump! I would be honored to send my unique Trump decals if you would kindly send a mailing address. We’re really out here! Real suburban Trump supporters! Under SHEWARE, I customize gold, silver & copper jewelry. I have designed & coined the phrase copper “TRUMP CUFF”. I have my bracelet donations at various Republican fund raisers for the month of September & October. Copper is a natural healing metal & our country & our president are constantly in my prayers. I apologize this is not a proper bio but I take each & every opportunity to expand my base.

My mission is based on pure passion (intuitive creativity) and concern (re-electing President Trump) for our country! By oct 31st. 2020 I will have gifted hundreds of Pro President Trump decals to hundreds of strangers who share the same American beliefs. Traveling Ohio on my own because I know I can make positive connections with my own positive messages via my decals & hand made jewelry. I’m having a lot of fun and isn’t that what the American dream is all about. Passion & drive willingness to not give up when you don’t think it really matters or you’re a nobody. We’re all somebody! And November 2020 If I can say mission accomplished then I’ve filled out one extremely . Crucial, important mission. President Donald J. Trump! Re-elected!

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