I am Sueli McPherson, born in Oct 23, 1981 I am a Former Fox News Editor, Producer Film director, Screenwriter, Journalist. I had been named expert in Post Production Segments, also I Promotes Humanitarian causes and i am very noted for my work with goodwill services, I had been received substantial media attention for project Hidden Assets with Actress and Director Jacqueline Journey, I worked with the project Kids in needs, South Beach Show, Christmas in Miami, I lefted the broadcast television to work in high-budget production, I earnest my way out to higher movie production after been mentored by Brad Bird, one of legendary movie director, (Afterwards) Bird left to direct his first animated feature, Warner Bros.’s The Iron Giant (1999), The Incredible Academy Award for Best Animated Feature wins and Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay nominations. In 2011, Bird transitioned to live-action film making with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, (2004)Both working together in a new movie called Tomorrowland 2014.

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