Susan Barber Arnold was born in the West Texas town of San Angelo, Texas. She is a classical pianist, realtor for many years but found her true calling when she met her husband, Dr. L. M. Arnold. They have recently retired after selling their very successful orthodontic practice of which she ran for 25+ years. They love to travel and have had homes on Sunset Key Island, Florida, Houston, Texas and now reside on their country gentleman’s property in Cordillera Ranch in the Texas Hill /Country…appropriately named “Bella Villa su Guadalupe”. Her sister, Jamie Angelich, is a current Trumpette.

She still remembers the pride of having a President like Ronald Reagan. She sees in Donald Trump the same qualities that make her optimistic about the future of this country and will continue to work hard to see his goal of “Make America Great Again” come to fruition. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America.

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