Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOP GIRL”

    At present, some polls are showing the republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump and the democrat presidential front runner Hillary Clinton in a dead heat. Other polls show Trump with somewhat of a substantial lead against Hillary. However, if disgruntled republicans fail to vote or vote for a possible third party candidate, Hillary will no doubt be the next president of the United States. We can not, I repeat can NOT allow this to happen. The ramifications of a Hillary Clinton presidency could well be catastrophic. Hillary Clinton would be a continuation of the Obama agenda, and that my friends, will be the end of America as we know it.

America can not afford four more years of an Obama agenda and those of us with the knowledge of this, must do the right thing. We must get out the vote, implore others to get out the vote, and vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump; love him, hate him, despise him, or deplore him is America’s ONLY hope! The future of this country for both us, our children, and grand children lays on us, and if we fail to elect Trump as President we may have just put a bullet in the America our forefathers had envisioned and built.

Our founding fathers built an America that was the home of the free and the home of the brave. Bit by bit we are losing our freedoms with a government  that is all too involved in our lives. With the government now involved in our health care, we have had a taste of socialized medicine and it’s been both unaffordable and disastrous. Americans who once  could afford health care now are unable to afford health care, while illegal immigrants and the unemployed receive health care for nothing. While Obama’s “Obama Care” is bad enough, Obama has also forced his wishes and desires where he has no place. Our government has no business telling states how to run their schools. I am speaking of Obama’s latest order instructing schools to allow transgender individuals to enter the bathroom of their choosing. While the bathroom order was down right maddening, the First Lady removing certain foods on the school menu is equally maddening. Our government has no place in our children’s schools.

While losing our freedoms is frightening at best, America no longer being the home of the brave is even more so. Our President ordering our military to “stand down until attacked” has been the death of many men. Obama is essentially killing our men as he sends our men to various countries of unrest and gives orders to not shoot unless shot at, putting our men in harm’s way. It’s bad enough that Obama sends our men with too few men and little artillery, but even worse that Obama instructs our men to be defensive instead of offensive. Not only are our men told to “stand down” but our men are not even allowed the element of surprise as our government routinely drops leaflets warning of our upcoming bombings to residents with an ISIS presence. Hence, why we hear of killing one key ISIS player here and there and not an entire ISIS army. Could this explain why we are not “winning” against ISIS?

We must elect Trump to the White House, and if we don’t, the fall of America may be imminent. Hillary will not do away with Obama care. Hillary will not rebuild our military and ensure our safety. Hillary will not build a wall, much less keep illegal immigrants out. Hillary will not repair our economy, but will further destroy it. Hillary will not take care of our veterans and senior citizens. Hillary will not do many things this country needs and more. Hillary will keep Obama care to the demise of thousands of Americans. Hillary will raise taxes on everyone, thus destroying the middle class. Hillary will raise the minimum wage leading to the failure of many small businesses. Hillary will continue to defund our military at a time in which a strong military is essential. Obama has already decreased our military to where it’s been said that if we were attacked today, we could NOT defend ourselves. It’s also been stated that we could not lead a full fledged attack on ISIS if we wanted to lead an attack of the total destruction to ISIS. Hillary will allow thousands more Syrian immigrants into America leading to the possibility of terrorist attacks. Hillary will take away our guns. Hillary will take many actions, and not a one will be for the betterment of America.

America needs Trump, and Americans need Trump. We need Trump as we need someone that will rid us of all Obama has done to the demise of a once great nation. Many Trump haters have said that they just won’t vote, or they’ll write in a candidate in of their choosing. Doing either will be a vote for Hillary. Take that action and the blame of the destruction of American will lay on YOU. I ask, will you be able to live with yourself if America’s economy completely collapses due to a Hillary Presidency? Will you be able to have a clear conscience if your family is killed in a terrorist attack due to more Syrian immigrants being allowed in our country? Will you be happy when your college graduate son or daughter is unable to find employment due to a failing economy?

The repercussions of a Hillary Presidency could be all out disastrous for our country. This election may well be the most important election of our time and to not vote is to destroy this once great nation.

Hate Trump? Fine, but is your hate worth the destruction of America? I say not. Give Trump a chance, and you may well be pleasantly surprised. At the very least, Trump has let all Americans know where he’s stood and where he stands. Unlike any other politician he’s been outspoken and politically incorrect. We know with Trump we will not have more Muslims allowed in this country, a practice which was done under former President Jimmy Carter. We know Trump will not take away our guns. We know Trump will improve our economy and create jobs, and we know Trump will be proactive and attack ISIS and any one else that threatens our safety. With Trump, what we see, what we hear, is what we get. Without Trump, we have Hillary, the President from hell who will lie, cheat and steal from the American people. This election lays on each and every one of us, and we as Americans must elect Donald Trump to ensure our freedoms, our safety and make America great again!

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016

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