Commercial multi family real estate investor and holder. Management is also done in house at our corporate office in Killeen/Austin fort hood. I supply apartment homes to a lot of our military. We do our own construction in house as well. I’ve been a Trump supporter since day one day one. I believe in everything he’s trying to accomplish. He’s a blessing for this nation. Will support him in anyway I can.

We build safe, welcoming, updated housing/communities for the military and our citizens. Urban living luxe believes in building communities, we can all be proud of. I especially believe in giving women the support, jobs, leading roles in my company. However, we are an equal opportunity company! As per my political stance, it’s always been republican. Regan was regarded as the best president of my time until our current president Donald Trump. Which I personally believe Trump’s success is even more important due to the state our nation was in. I will support my party and our president any way possible! 100% maga!

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