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Collusion Fails, And Trump Prevails!-Sean Bianca

April 25th, otherwise known as “Super Tuesday”, was a “Super Tuesday” indeed. That is if you were Donald Trump, or any one of his thousands of supporters. Despite the shenanigans of Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor John Kasich, Donald J. Trump proved to be a smashing success in completing a clean sweep in taking all five states in yesterday’s Primary, proving himself to be the chosen candidate for the Republican party. 
      Not only did Donald J, Trump win yesterday, but he won big. Trump received over fifty percent of the votes in all five states. In Delaware and Rhode Island Trump received over 60% of the votes, and in Connecticut, Maryland. and Pennsylvania Trump was over 50%, showing Trump to be not just the winner, but the “clear” winner. Lies weren’t told, trickery wasn’t present, and dirty politicking was un-needed in yesterday’s Primary. Trump won fair and square. Trump won on his own merit and with the valid voting of the people.
       Cruz and Kasich on the other hand lost, and they lost big. Kasich having absolutely no chance at the nomination appeared to climb in popularity above Ted Cruz. Cruz who has been regularly placing second in the primaries seemed to have done himself in with Monday’s announcement of his teaming up with John Kasich to defeat Donald Trump. Ted Cruz placed third behind Kasich in four of the five states in yesterday’s Primary. Thanks to Pennsylvania, Cruz managed to place second in front of Kasich. All in all “Super Tuesday” was a super flop for both the Senator and the Governor.
      Having won all five states convincingly in yesterday’s Primary, and being at 964 delegates, Donald Trump should most certainly be on his way to receiving the nomination as the Republican Presidential nominee. While the outcome of Trump as the nominee seems eminent, Trump’s opponents seem to be in denial. Yesterday’s Primary put Ted Cruz in third, in four of five of the states, and yet this man still thinks he has a chance at the nomination? It’s utter insanity! The man came in third, out of three candidates. For the love of God someone please tell Cruz coming in third means that he came in last. That’s last place! Not only did Cruz flop in yesterday’s primary, but he has no mathematical legitimate way of coming close to the magic number of 1237 delegates, and Kasich is not even close with his minuscule number of 153 delegates. The bottom line is both Cruz and Kasich are done, yet they seem to be having a difficult time in accepting their having lost the 2016 election.
     Trump prevailed in yesterday’s “Super Tuesday”, and his opponents should accept their defeat. Trump need not be bothered with the remaining trivial political sideshows of dealing with Cruz and Kasich when there is much work to be done. Much work indeed, such as the developing of an anti-Hillary campaign. At this stage of the game, I believe Trump should be allowed to begin his fight against Hillary. Instead Trump is still having to deal with the likes of Ted Cruz and John Kasich. Today Ted Cruz announced his running mate would be Carly Fiorina. If Ted’s announcement of a running mate for Vice-President isn’t complete madness, I don’t know what is. For that reason alone Ted Cruz should be finished in politics. The man comes in dead last and the following day he announces his running mate for vice-President? Why the man is deranged!
    The fact is Ted Cruz’s alliance with John Kasich failed, and trump prevailed! Yesterday’s five state sweep was a victory. It was also a message that America is angry. Americans are angry at its politicians, frustrated with big government, and over being played for fools by the GOP, and or the establishment. Americans have spoken, and their voices need be heard, and respected by the losing candidates and the establishment alike. Registered Republicans voted in yesterday’s election, they voted for Trump. The majority did not vote for John Kasich nor did they vote for Ted Cruz, they voted for Trump, proving that dishonestly and trickery have little value in today’s election. The collusion failed, and thankfully Donald J. Trump prevailed!
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG 2016

Cruz-Kasich, Losers And Bedfellows! – Sean Bianca

Another Super Tuesday is upon us, and with another Super Tuesday comes more despicable conniving against the Republican front runner, Donald J. Trump. Just when Trump supporters thought the obstacles in Trump’s path to the nomination couldn’t get any more crooked, the obstacles get more outlandish than ever. On Monday April 25th it was announced that Senator Ted Cruz, and John Kasich would team up in their efforts to stop Trump from becoming the Republican Presidential nominee.
          I suppose if one is unable to beat a candidate on his or her own merits, and popularity, one might as well join forces with another loser, as to stop the clear winner. Despicable is what this coalition between Cruz and Kasich is. Donald Trump called the Cruz and Kasich team as a collusion, and described it as desperate. I call the team “losers and bedfellows”. Although it is said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. This team is not only strange, but downright pathetic! The scheming of the two losing candidates is in my, and a good majority of Americans opinion not only desperate, but just more Republican dirty politicking which seems to be the theme for the Republican party at present. 
          Never in my lifetime have I ever seen such determination by a party to stop a particular candidate from being nominated. Never have I seen such attempts to stop a candidate for whom the majority of the people in a party are behind. While Cruz and Kasich may be all proud and pompous with their clever collusion, the people of this country are not impressed. In fact the majority of Americans, 90% to be exact, feel the Cruz-Kasich scheme against Trump will fail.
           If one colludes in business or in the stock market, one is taking part in illegal activity which would lead one to prison. If one colludes in politics, one is within their rights? Something is very, very wrong with our country if such unfair activity can take place, but then this entire primary election has been one of nothing but scheming, conniving, backroom deals, and questionable activity. All in all the Republicans have been a roaring success in proving themselves to be nothing more than a political circus, giving Democrats only more ammunition to mock the party. 
           Rather amusing, I’d say. While many of the Republicans used Trump’s having been a former reality television personality against him, the Republicans themselves have become the biggest reality show of our time. Every day it’s a GOP Reality Freak Show, consisting of politicians and fools alike, and their quest to stop the only man with any sense, and a brain from becoming the Presidential nominee. I could be wrong, but I for one have tired of this political madness,. I think this alliance between Ted Cruz, and John Kasich is nothing more than two sore losers that seemingly are unable to accept the reality, that the choice of the people is Donald Trump. Instead of being desperate, Cruz would be better off accepting his loss, licking his wounds and walking away. Walking away and perhaps using his far right views for the better, as perhaps a Supreme Court Justice. While Cruz is not what Americans want as their President, he could make for one stellar addition on the Supreme court. 
      Losers, Cruz and Kasich are nothing more than two very desperate men that are just yet another of many obstacles in Trump’s path to victory. Both Cruz and Kasich should gracefully accept their losses, and embrace Trump’s being the nominee for the GOP. American Republicans want nothing more than to defeat Hillary Clinton and it’s about high time the losing candidates and the party end this fight against Trump so that he may begin his quest for the position of President of the United States. We the people have but one goal and that goal is to defeat Hillary Clinton, the question is, is that the goal of the GOP?
(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG

Jacque Heebner

Jacquelyn Heebner photoFrom a loving, imaginative childhood, and inspired education I took acquired energy and knowledge and built it into my work for some of the great studio and creative minds like Richard Zanuck, Jerry Weintraub, Frank Sinatra, Alan Jay Lerner, and Warren Beatty. I loved all the artistic levels and ingredients that went into making movies or musical productions. It was time spent in this creative process that led to my forming my own special events company, Jacque Designs, Inc., to develop events like premieres, weddings, fund raisers and stunning social occasions. People loved what I had created. They had experienced a night to remember in a fabulous setting where they were entertained and appreciated for their contributions. Simultaneously, I became a columnist for the Seasons section of the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Daily News where I interviewed successful people and lent my advice and tips for what makes a great party.

Through it all I wrote a successful adult mystery book entitled FIRST PERSON CAT, incorporating cat history told from the point of view of a cat who reveals to a Beverly Hills police detective who murdered her human mother, while managing to save the life of another.

One of the most exciting facets of my life is sharing and giving back the applied knowledge that has made me successful. My favorite charities range from the Philharmonic Society – to Freedoms Foundation, a group which educates young people and teachers on the importance of our founding fathers and the goals of free enterprise – to my efforts on behalf of animal groups which need a broadenedvoice for protection and survival. I am proud to say that soon FIRST PERSON CAT’S ANIMAL ADVOCATES is launching a program that will be the foremost guide of exemplary support groups available for cats and dogs.

It is so natural to align my life as a Trumpette into the support of Donald J. Trump who will parlay his world-wide business acumen into a safer, stronger, more influential country as President of the United States and make America Great Again. We desperately need the focus of a business man and his connections of what built his success to expand on the country’s growth from what it once was to become even greater. America can no longer stand by and watch our country’s further dissipation. We have had enough of that. That’s why I am supporting Donald J. Trump because he is a winner and he will carry us to a lasting and successful future

Paulette Martin

pauletteI have been an acclaimed photographer primarily in The Palm Beach area for over 25 years specializing in Weddings and Special Events. My daughter and I have had the privilege of working with many celebrities over the years & Donald Trump stands out the most! We were his personal photographers at Mar A Lago and Trump International for 15 years. Every event that we photographed for him was special and just knowing Donald and his beautiful family personally is such an honor. I have been on the TRUMP TRAIN since the beginning of his candidacy and will always be!

Victoria Geller

Although I am a Canadian on a work Visa, I am a Trump backer! I have worked in Canada on our political candidates ridings, my late husband was the brother of Tom Hockin the Minister of Small Business and Finance under Prime Minister Brian Mulrohney. I am an interior designer working with several companies. I presently reside in West Palm Beach, originally Wellington with our horses and my twin daughters who are equestrians. Tuny Page is one of our equestrian fellow friends.

I look forward to helping promote Donald Trump in any way that might be necessary
and where you need help.

Grace Kelly

I am a Fourth Generation Texan, I am a Magna Charta Dame, I am a member of Americans of Royal Decent, Colonial Dames of the XVII, my ancestors fought in the Civil Waretc. and I am Sheila Palandjian’s sister-in-law! I have lived in Houston, Texas for over 55 years. I am 70 years old.

The only candidate that CAN make America Great Again is Donald Trump! We need to restore this country and he can teach the people of this country to give back and not just take from this country. He has compassion which most of the politicians running do not. We need class restored. We do not want to become a third world country and it will without restrictions on immigration.

Denise Trouard

I am a married retired blue collar worker from the state of Louisiana. I am a mother of 5 children and grandmother to 13 grandchildren. My hobbies include sewing, crafting, painting, and stained glass. Spending time boating with my husband of 24 years, Benton Trouard, is my absolute favorite.

Being born and raised in the state of Louisiana has jaded me in politics. Of course, like the most of my southern friends, we were all raised Democratic. Over the past decade we have all seen the Democratic party change into to a party we no longer recognize and many of my southern friends have switched to the Republican party but now we feel like they are also corrupt. As a mother of 5 children and a grandmother of 13 grandchildren, I am deeply concerned for the future of our children. I would like to help bring awareness to the Oligarchy type of government we have transformed into. Trump is the ONLY one not bought and paid for!

Nicole DiCocco

Nicole DiCocco is the Executive Director of the H.O.P.E. Foundation for a Better Tomorrow. Created by her late brother, the organization helps underprivileged youth achieve success by funding scholarships, sponsoring after school programs and providing children character building lessons including The REAL Man Program.

DiCocco has a background in foreign affairs. She previously led the business development team at MC Saatchi’s Dubai office and served as the assistant to two ambassadors, where she organized official visits at the head of state and ministerial levels to both Washington, DC and the United Nations.

For more information on the H.O.P.E Foundation:

DiCocco is a graduate of the American University in Washington, DC and Miss Porter’s School for girls in Farmington, CT.

Suebelle Robbins

suebelleRobinsSuebelle Robbins was born in Upstate New York and raised in San Antonio and Austin Texas, where she attended the University of Texas and earned a degree in American Studies. She then moved to Boston and worked in the travel industry leading international tour groups. She relocated to Rochester, New York when she got married and began her chief role as “corporate wife” and career as a runway and print model. Back in Boston following her divorce, Suebelle worked as a style model for catalog companies that included Talbots and J. Jill. There she met and married stockbroker, Richard Robbins, in 1992. The itinerant couple love to travel — especially to Paris — and have had homes in Newport and Southampton, and currently live in New York City and Palm Beach, where they divide their time.

Still modeling, Suebelle counts interior design, going to estate sales and to the theater, among her passions, but is happiest walking around the Upper East Side or riding her bike(with an American flag on the basket) while listening to audio books Through the years, she has supported Lighthouse Guild, Planned Parenthood and Hope Funds for Cancer Research, among others.

About her support of Donald Trump, Suebelle said, “President Reagan gave me back my love for the country and the American flag. Donald Trump makes me feel the same way– excited and optimistic about the future of our country.”

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