Mary Ellen Pate

I  am from New York, moved to Florida in 1995. I have a BA in English & Education. I am a Realtor with the Fite Group in Palm Beach. I became involved with the Angels of Charity, a professional group of women that raised millions for various children’s in the area. I met many friends

Connie Jarrett

Born in Port Arthur, Texas August 30, 1946, and raised in El Paso. Attended Texas Western College (now known as the University of Texas at El Paso or UTEP). My mother was its Athletic Business Manager and she and my grandfather were in College Park, Maryland when TWC won the NCAA Basketball Championship in 1966

Donna Colucci

Wife, mother, writer of a children’s book, artist, domestic goddess, Service Unit Manager for the Girl Scouts of New Milford, a volunteer and a spokeswoman for the NephCure Foundation. I am very involved in local politics in my town and I am the campaign manager for the Republicans who run for mayor and council. Currently,

Kristine Farra

Real Estate Lifestyle Sales + Marketing Influencer heavily involved in philanthropy Personally – it’s been a pleasure to be involved in the local level of President Donald Trump’s Campaign and so exciting that he ( and we as a nation ) won. Looking forward to continue supporting and enlightening others to ensure a 2020 win

Another Wonderful Week with our new President

Dear Trumpettes and Trumpsters After an amazing and busy week it was time for some fun. On Tuesday night I celebrated my 25th engagement anniversary to my wonderful husband Bobby where we celebrated at Club Colette with our good friends Dale and Kenneth Pincourt, Mary Francis and Bill Walde, and one of my four founding


This received such an enormous response, that we decided to repost it because it is really important to send this message to Hollywood and their sponsors. Read on and remember to Share, Share and Share Again. Send it to everyone you can, it is that important. DEAR TRUMPETTES AND TRUMPSTERS, WHO ARE PART OF THIS