Toni Holt Kramer

Sophia Baratashvili

I grow up in European little Country–Georgia, but more then 22year now I live in United States, I have2 wonderful kids and one grandson, I am psychologists.

I know president Trump, I respect and adore his wonderful family, I see reality, how fake news tries, to lay about everything– he does. I believe in him and us a emigrant I want to let people know he is not against any emigrants, womans, or anything Democrats are talking about…

Lee Lewis

Manufacturer of Metal Castings. Our Family business made it thru the Carter Administration (22% inflation), but we didn’t make it through the Obama Administration. I didn’t ask the Obbama administration for the “GM” bailout, but my guess is that wasn’t for conservatives anyway. Enjoy Family, Sailing, Sailboat racing, and Racquetball.

Continue to due Mitzvah’s for all. To continue to support my wife and family. To continue to spend time with friends that want to spend time with me.


A Word From A Fellow Trumpette

Thank you for accepting my entry. I have to say, as is evident on my Facebook wall, everyday is a personal campaign. We fight for this man because he is US, he represents what we want for our country. In essence, they are not attacking him! They are attacking each and every one of us. That is why we must speak up, fight the lies and manipulation being carried out from so many angles against our great President. We are truly lucky to be witnessing these great times! That salvation of an America at the brink of destruction.

Anything I can do or say, I shall. Thank you and let the fight begin! #TRUMP2020 😍 -Lorena Biassotti

Jennifer Petito

Hi my Nan’s is Jennifer , I am a New Yorker . I was born and raised in the Bronx . I moved to Brooklyn in my 30s( Bayridge ) . I now live in a Trump building on the upper west side of manhattan. I am also a new snowbird for the past 3 years splitting my time in Melbourne fl . I’m married to my wonderful husband Ken for the past 24 years . I am a retired NICU nurse. And most importantly we are diehard Trump supporters !

Our mission is to get Trump re-elected for 2020 ! And Keep America great !
Protect our constitution
Protect 2A

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