Eva Wiley

Hi Trumpettes! My name is Eva Garcia Wiley, I’m a proud Latin American woman whom stands by our president! I was inspired to create a special custom logo for women hats. For each hat sold I will be donating $1 towards the Trump Campaign. I would really like to join in to be part of

Medora Reading

Politically involved since probably age of 15, always a Republican although I’m angry at all parties right now-My father was a traveling supreme court judge in New York state, my brother one of the FBI agents of the year 2001, on board with Lieutenant Colonel Allen West since 2010, as well as very involved with

Mary West

My girlfriend in Palm Beach, Dominique with One Sole, told me about your incredible group this morning. I’d love to be a part of the Team. Have known Donald Trump since 1989. Our connection was the world of Pageantry.

Vivian Lyon

My husband and I have moved from New York 2 and a half yrs ago. We are happy that President Trump is making his permanent home in Florida. Our mission is supporting our President Trump and uniting with our fellow citizens to making America great and for every citizen to respect and continue to respect