Toni Holt Kramer

Vanessa Vomero

My name is Vanessa Vomero, I was born in New York moved down to Florida in 1973 lived with my parents , had a great childhood in Coral Springs I still reside here … I am married and have 2 children … a daughter who is 20 and a step son who is 18.

I have always loved Donald Trump and support him completely. He is a wonderful president with so much he has done already to make our country great again and I support him for the 20/20 election

Marcia Mills

Grad U of Illinois and FSU Law School cum laude. 40 years as an attorney passing 6 bar exams. Have worked as an appellate law clerk, as a corporate lawyer, and in private practice. Currently have PT solo practice in West Palm Beach. Hold a Top Secret clearance and work PT for a Defense contractor. Married to disabled Vietnam Vet. One surviving disabled child lives with us. Worked for many years in MD Republican Party and for MFRW. Supported candidates, organized fundraisers, officer and counsel to Republican Women’s Organizations and other non profits. Served on Legislative Commissions in MD.

Wish to help reelect Trump and more Republican candidates to Congress for the good of the country. I will pitch in wherever I can. Just let me know.

Kathryn Askew

I am from North Carolina and I have lived in Raleigh for the last 30 years. I am a general contractor, a real estate investor and a Christian counselor, life and business coach. My passion is helping others achieve their dreams and goals. I have been an admirer and student of Donald J. Trump long before he took office. I stand with him and all Christian conservative views. It would be an honor to help you in any way possible to assure President Trumps reelection!!

My mission statement is to love my Creator, God, with my entire being and to make an impact in this life by serving others.

Barbara Victor

My name is Barbara I am 56 years young and I live in Butler, NJ. I am a mother of 2 teenage daughters, I have been married for 20 years to a former US Marine. I am employee time as an executive admin as well as a fitness trainer. I am a patriot, a proud American and love my president TRUMP!

To live the values of this great nation, our endless opportunities. Be the best that I can be, instill those values in my daughters. Continue to support the greatest President to ever hold the oath of office!

Jacquelyn Phelon

I’m 57 originally from Boston, have traveled and lived elsewhere. Have two grown children, I’ve lived full time in Florida for 10 ten years since my husband past away. I am a member of The Heritage Foundation.

My values for myself and the future of our country have come under such struggles, with sanctuary cities over running our beautiful churches and parks, the need to take control of our immigration laws and our country.

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