Candace Henderson

Born on a Friday the 13th of December in 1946 I have been blessed all my life. Blessed to be born in America, double blessed to be born in the south and in the great state of Virginia. Raised in the the Appalachian Mountains by the most patriotic and decent people on earth. Married to

Brandi White

Middle aged woman who loves the president! He’s done so much for the country and needs one more win. Yep! To become stay our president for one more term! Go Trump! I want to be an inspiration to my age group and demographic of us ky hillbillies with all of our teeth! If u don’t

Tom Vaughn

Creative consultant working on Congressional Campaign for Republican Nick Vessio in CD 18. Coordinator of “Trump Train Adventures”. Hundreds of Trump supporters have travelled with us by train, bus, & boat to various campaign events. MAKE CONGRESS RED AGAIN

Kathy Gorcyca

A wife of 54 years, mom of 2 and grandma of 4. I am a Past Commodore of a sailclub. We sailed and won the Port Huron (Michigan) to Macinaw Island (Michigan) Race in 1995. I am a former bookkeeper. MAGA…KAG!!