fbook-post-1We have got to fire up – and we have got to keep the fire going. Hello Trumpettes and Trumpsters, please listen a moment to the following information. Donald J. Trump has brought more new voters into the loop, voters that have never voted before. What does this mean? It means he is creating interest and most of all enthusiasm, and we cannot let that enthusiasm die down. It is being said on the networks that it is the women’s vote that is going to make or break this election. And that means we have our work really cut out for us!

Definitively we need women to like Trump more than they like anybody else. The women’s vote is essential to winning this election. I guess you could say that all categories of voters are essential but right now it is women, women and more women.

Here is the choice and it is as simple as this. We have a laundry list of issues of what is wrong in this country today, and it will get far worse if we don’t get Donald Trump elected. It could be that the future, if it is not Trump, will be much bleaker than it has been with President Obama. I know you might say that is impossible but it isn’t. And here is why.

The agenda of the Obama administration has been to lead us into a world of complete socialism where decisions are not made at the State level, they are made by the Federal Government. Also your voices will be shut down as they are not asking, they are telling. Did you know that in December 2015 there was a Muslim Federal Judge appointed to the bench in Brooklyn, New York. Considering that Sharia law is the law that she follows, where does this leave us. This is only the first time. She took her oath with her hand on the Koran and not on the bible. We are headed in a direction where any parent has to be frightened of what future their children will have in store, if not for their own future.

We have two major issues this week and we need the Trumpettes and Trumpsters to climb on board and work as they have never worked before. We need to address the economy and we need to address terrorism. Each plays off each other.

When you are afraid of terrorism you don’t go out very much. You stay home and you don’t spend money and then businesses start failing. And they will continue to fail if we get a leftist progressive in the White House and we will continue with this type of mandate. No new jobs are being created and workers will be lucky to keep what they have.

As for the economy I can tell you that I am interviewing people every day and just recently a new Trumpster joined, a man that is doing some work in my house. Eric Swoger saw the Trump bumper sticker on my car and got so excited he told me his story. He owns his own dry wall company, E S Drywall Co, and he has been hanging on with great difficulty because the economy has really hurt him. He is a hard working blue collar man who has now taken on the responsibility to work his neighborhood and gain votes for Trump with his friends and business buddies. Even his mother in law and wife are now becoming Trumpettes. He told me in his neighborhood that all he sees are Bernie Sanders stickers. “What is wrong with these people”, he asks me. “Don’t they realize this will be the end of America as we have known it and the joy and opportunity to become successful will be stomped out of our heads and hearts by the reality that socialism just does not work”.

True or false it is a fact that not all people are created equal or with the same gifts. You cannot give a blanket statement that covers everybody. There are workers and there are employers and it is important not to confuse or railroad the employers because without them there are no employees.

Girls and guys, we need each and every one of you. We are in a fight and we must fight as hard as we can that we get the only one SUPER MAN, Donald J. Trump into The White House.

Whatever bone you have to pick, whatever comments you can make, just remember Donald Trump is the only one that is going to save America. If you have any little irritations put them in the lower drawer of your dresser and deal with the reality of America and where she will be or won’t be going in the future. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. If ever we had a calling THIS IS IT. Thank you and I love you all, Toni

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