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WIKILEAKS Reveals; Hillary Is An Enemy Of The State! -Sean Bianca GOPGIRL

    America, the greatest nation in the world, or is it? Perhaps long ago when President Ronald Reagan was president, America was the greatest nation in the world, but at present we are no more. We are not the greatest nation as we have somehow become one of the most, if not the most corrupt nation in the world. For years Americans have suspected our president as being guilty of treason, yet we’ve lived our lives in blissful ignorance. For years we’ve known former Secretary Clinton was nothing more than a con, yet we’ve looked the other way. We’ve looked the other way until today. Today we have a woman running for the presidency, who had she not bore the name “Clinton”, she’d likely be in prison for her crimes. As disgusting as it is, America has most probably the most corrupt politician in the history of the United Ststes headed for the White House. That is unless we as Americans step up to the plate and vote for a man who is not a lifelong corrupt politician. That man would be Donald J. Trump.

Donald J. Trump is America’s last and only hope for salvation. While he may not be the candidate of every one’s dreams, he is a candidate that will never ever let America down. Donald J. Trump could never in his lifetime even think of competing with Hillary Clinton in mastering corruption. Donald J. Trump is a man who loves his country. Donald J. Trump is a true patriot. While Hillary Clinton mocks the American people, Donald J. Trump praises the American people. While Hillary Clinton has a dream for globalization and being one with the world, Donald J. Trump has a dream for America and Americans. While Hillary Clinton intends on bringing millions of Syrian refugees into America, thus destroying America as Europe is being destroyed, Donald J. Trump intends on closing our borders making America a better and safer place. Donald J. Trump is America’s last chance. Anyone doubting the man that Donald J. Trump is, and his passion for America need just do one thing. One thing is all that is needed to show every American how wrong Hillary is for America. That one thing is read. Read the Wikileaks emails, and if not in their entirety, read this summary of what has been released by Julian Assange of Wikileaks thus far.

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The World Thanks Hillary For Sharing Our Nuclear Response Time! – Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”


If anyone had any doubt that Hillary Clinton would be a threat to our national security, that doubt should be erased. Hillary Clinton is the biggest threat to our national security and she again proved herself to be just that in last night’s debate. In her attempt to prove Donald Trump “unfit” to have his hands on the nuclear code, Hillary proved herself to be “unfit” to have her hands on the nuclear code. Hillary told the entire world that “there’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.” America can thank Hillary for putting our nation’s nuclear response time out for the entire world to know. Hillary just showed America how careless she is with our national intelligence, again!

Again and again Hillary has proven her negligence with our nation’s security. However, last night Hillary’s telling all our nuclear response time truly took the cake. Hillary divulging our response time was just as dangerous as Vice President Joe Biden telling the world that he has a man that follows him wherever he goes with the nuclear codes. Biden even pointed the man out. Never did I think I would see the day when Hillary Clinton would be as idiotic as Joe Biden! Last night the whole world saw Hillary to be nothing short of a dingbat with her statement regarding our nuclear response time. Of course, let’s consider the source. This is a woman who chose to use an unsecured server for her email which was used to send and receive classified material. While Trump had a great debate last night, he dropped the ball in regards to Hillary criticizing Trump for quoting the Wikileaks’ John Podesta emails. One statement was all that was needed. “Secretary Clinton, had you used a secured server, Russia and everyone else under the sun would not have been able to hack your emails”! Slam dunk!

(c)Sean Bianca GOPGIRL 2016

The Media, Lies, Wikileaks, War, And More! – Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

 It has been said that some need to lose something as to appreciate that something. It is my fear that many Americans need to lose their freedoms as to appreciate those freedoms. What is unfortunate and tragic is those who do appreciate the freedoms America has given will lose those freedoms as well. With the election of Barrack Hussein Obama, America has already seen a loss of freedom. We no longer can choose our health plan. The government now has full jurisdiction of our health plan and it’s been nothing short of disastrous. Sadly, millions of Americans either can not afford health insurance or are not getting the health care they so desperately need. Another freedom America has lost is freedom of speech. That loss of our freedom of speech has resulted in the mainstream media reporting only what the government wants the public to hear. While Fox News at one time went against the grain and told Americans the truth, they too have of recent changed with the tide. What is sad is that in a nation of millions of educated persons, so many are being fooled. They are being fooled as we already are much like a communist nation and the foolish are being blindsided. When the mainstream media instructs their employees to take a presidential candidate down, our freedom of speech has been lost. Mainstream media employees have been told they will be fired if they do not trash talk Donald Trump. With that being said, America is losing.America is losing as America is getting only one side of the story. America is getting the Hillary Clinton and Obama side of the story. In receiving only one side of the story, it is America and its people that lose.

Jessica Leeds, a 74 year old woman with a phone number coming from the Clinton Foundation, is what our mainstream media has chosen for Americans to hear. A U.S. navy destroyer is the target of three failed attacks by Yemen and a 74 year old woman lying about being groped is what’s all abuzz? A 74 year old woman that claims she had her breasts groped on an airplane by Donald Trump 35 years ago and the media finds this more newsworthy than our Navy destroyer being attacked? It’s laughable! Leeds claimed she had had enough when Trump put his hands up her skirt. I guess that was the breaking point. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have not ,nor will I ever let a strange man on an airplane or anywhere grope my breasts for 15 minutes, and nor did Jessica Leeds. According to a British passenger on the airplane, Jessica Leeds’ accounting of her airplane groping by Trump is a lie. A lie? Imagine that, a lie from the Clinton campaign? The trouble is the Clinton campaign is all lies. So far 6 women have come forward alleging that Donald Trump groped them or kissed them. From what I heard the Clinton campaign will have a total of 18. As Jessica Leeds was found lying in her accusation so too has another woman. Another woman apparently applied for a job with the Trump Organization after the time Trump supposedly had treated her inappropriately. Clearly the woman is lying. Clearly what has come out in the Podesta emails is true as what was said is coming to fruition.  The Podesta emails confess that the only way Clinton will win this election is to portray Donald Trump as sexual predator, which he is not.

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Round 2, Trump Wins! -Sean Bianca “GOP GIRL”

“Because you would be in jail!” – Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton 

       Without question, Donald J. Trump hands down, hook line and sinker won Sunday night’s debate. With the odds stacked against him, Donald Trump prevailed and proved himself to be the man of the hour. Fact after fact, zinger after zinger, Donald Trump nailed it. Nailed it, did he ever! Donald Trump had to perform well at the second debate and he did. After having everything thrown at him but the kitchen sink by the Democrats, an outstanding performance is what was needed, and Trump stepped up to the plate. Not only did he step up to the plate, but he owned the plate!

      Donald Trump brought out everything and more at the latest debate. Any failing of Hillary’s that was not mentioned or barely mentioned at the first debate was discussed in great detail at the 2nd debate. Trump did not disappoint his supporters in this debate. He attacked Hillary for her deleting of thousands of emails after being subpoenaed. He attacked her with the FBI mysteriously losing 2 boxes of emails only days ago. He attacked with her treatment of the women Hillary’s husband had raped and or sexually assaulted. He attacked her for her failing to answer the call at 3 a.m. as to aid those being attacked in Benghazi, resulting in four deaths. He attacked her for aiding and arming ISIS along with President Obama. He reminded her of friend, Michelle Obama, and Michelle’s poor opinion of her in the last election. He attacked her with her proposal of higher taxes for everyone, depleting our military, and allowing thousands more unvetted Syrian refugees into the U.S.. He attacked her for having two persona’s, private and public. Essentially there was very little that Donald Trump forgot. Donald Trump accomplished what he needed to do. He needed to expose Hillary for the corrupt politician that she is, and he did.

   Then again, did he? To watch mainstream media on would be led to believe that Donald Trump lost. The mainstream media flooded the air waves with chatter of Trump continuously bickering and interrupting. One columnist called Trump whiny, Another described Trump as stalking Hillary Clinton. Those comments could be true, but what the media left out is why Trump interrupted, and why he engaged in bickering. Donald Trump interrupted, because it was what was required. Had Trump not interrupted, he never would have gotten is point out to the public. Had Trump not bickered with the moderators, he would not have been able to answer the questions in entirety. When Trump said “one on three” he was correct. The debate was indeed “one on three”. The debate was not a debate between two candidates. The debate was one candidate against a candidate and two moderators. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz were shameful in how they conducted Sunday’s debate. Hillary Clinton was given not just two minutes to answer questions, but 3 and 4 minutes. Donald Trump on the other hand was at times not even given his two minutes. While the lack of time given to Trump was frustrating to watch, the moderators aiding Hillary Clinton was all the more frustrating. Since when do moderators aid and attack the candidates? Since Candy Crowley shut Mitt Romney down in the last debate for the 2012 election, that’s when. No, suddenly moderators feel free to not just ask questions, but attack the candidate they don’t support as well. In watching the debate, I questioned why the debate was being held at all. In watching this spectacle of a debate, it was clear that Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper did not want a debate. They wanted nothing more than a Hillary Clinton love fest. Unfortunately for Hillary, the moderators and Hillary’s supporters, it wasn’t a love fest at all, as Donald Trump won “big league” despite the biased circumstances.

     While Donald Trump did without question win Sunday’s debate, America lost. America lost and is losing on a daily basis. It has become apparent that mainstream media is clearly bought and paid for by the left. Fox News Commentator Bill O’Reilly stated that at least 3 media organizations have “ordered their employees to destroy Donald Trump”. In a sit down with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, O’Reilly stated that he is “100% convinced” of a media plot against Trump. “I’m talking about big conglomerates. … News organizations have sent, not officially but through the corporate grapevine, [word] that we don’t want anybody supporting Trump. If you study it, you can see which ones they are.” Bill, in my opinion, ALL of the mainstream media is against Trump, including Fox!

  Donald Trump is not to be blamed for his complaints of how the media has treated him. One debate with liberal moderators would be bad enough, but three debates with liberals for moderators is just not fair. It’s not fair to Donald Trump and it’s even more unfair to America. If the media were fair, Donald Trump would have at least one debate with true conservatives for debate moderators. Wouldn’t conservative and independent voters be blessed if a debate were held with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine as moderators? I can only guess at the side of Hillary, America would see at that debate. In this last debate, Hillary was clearly at a loss for words and rattled, so one would imagine Hillary would implode at a debate in which she is the one against three! America, no doubt has to agree that Trump handled his unfair situation in the debate with flying colors. 

  Sunday’s debate was won without question by Donald Trump. In a poll of undecided voters conducted by Fox News’ Frank Luntz, Hillary was the clear loser. When asked how these undecided voters would describe Hillary Clinton, the comments were not kind. “Disingenuous”, “not worthy of my vote”, “nothing new”,  and “she didn’t apologize to those women she bashed”, were the comments made about the Democratic candidate. Upon walking into the debate, Hillary Clinton had around 8 of those voters leaning for her and only 3-4 were for Donald Trump. At the debate’s end, the majority of the panel was for Donald Trump and all of 3-4 were for Hillary Clinton. As much as Fox News’ Megyn Kelly wanted to boast of a Hillary win, her network’s panel showed otherwise. It is my hope that America will be given the chance to prove to the media that their “Prima Donna” candidate is not the candidate they want for their next president. November 8th Americans have a choice. That choice is “do they want a criminal for a president that tells them one thing, but thinks and does another”, or do they want a completely in-politically correct man for president that tells it like it is and loves his country”? First and foremost, a president should love their country, and Hillary Clinton has a proven track record of showing she does not love her country. If you love your country, you don’t send Americans to die and be tortured in the most dangerous country on earth. Ambassador Stevens and the others were in Benghazi to help Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s agenda. Yesterday Wikileaks released thousands of emails where it is in print that she aided ISIS and countries aiding ISIS. I believe that is grounds for treason, but she’s a Clinton so she gets a pass. If elected, Donald J.Trump will do America proud, prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes, and make America safe again. Hillary can not make America safe again, as she has been aiding and abetting the enemy. America needs a patriot for president, not a traitor for president. That man is Donald J. Trump!
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2016
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The “Real Story” Is Hillary! Sean Bianca GOP GIRL

    For better, for worse, through thick and through thin, I am with Donald J. Trump. I am with Donald J. Trump, as I have always felt and still feel he is the best candidate for the presidency. There is nothing Hillary Clinton, her campaign, or the mainstream media can say, or shell out that will change my opinion of Donald Trump. If Hillary and her camp seriously think what Donald Trump said in a private conversation eleven years ago is of any importance to me or millions of other Trump supporters, they are sadly mistaken. What is of importance is not what Donald Trump said eleven years ago, but what Hillary Clinton has done and has said in recent years.

     It is absolutely sickening that the mainstream media has been reporting on a statement made by Donald Trump 11 years ago, but it is to be expected. It is expected as it is a mere “distraction” from the real story. The real story at present is not that Donald Trump said the word “pussy” 11 years ago, but excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, revealing Hillary’s plans for “open borders and open trade”. The “real story” is not that Donald Trump was a typical guy 11 years ago, but that Hillary Clinton funded both radical Islam and ISIS as stated by Wikileaks founder, Julien Assange. The fact is, the “real story” was not reported by the mainstream media. The “real story” was not reported, as the media preferred to report on what was nothing more than a “mere distraction”.

    Yes , the “real story” is not Donald Trump. The “real story is “Hillary Clinton” and the 2049 emails that Wikileaks just dumped of over 50,000 emails soon to be leaked, involving  Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and her staff. America does not care what Donald Trump said in a private conversation. America does care about Hillary Clinton’s true thoughts and plans for the United States. America should know what was said in a speech made in 2013 to a Brazilian Bank. In that speech Hillary stated, that “her dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade, and open borders”. She stated to the National Multifamily Housing Council that same year, that she believed that “in politics you need both a public and a private position”. In February 2014, she told the people of Goldman Sachs that she and husband Bill were “kind of far removed” from the middle class. These statements are just the tip of the iceberg of what has been discovered in the latest of the Wilkileaks emails. Over 48,000 emails are to come, but sadly the media cares not. It could be revealed that Hillary Clinton point blank shot someone and the media would fail to report on it. 

   Hillary Clinton did not shoot anyone to my knowledge, but she might as well have. Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump’s statement using the word “pussy” was horrific. Well, Hillary, “horrific” is leaving Americans to die in Benghazi. Horrific is Christopher Stevens  being sodomized, burned, having his genitals cut off and being tortured. Horrific is Americans fighting for 13 hours and having no aid sent by your country. Horrific is Hillary Clinton being responsible for four men dying in Benghazi. Horrific is Hillary Clinton funding radical Islam and the terrorist group, ISIS, as reported by WikiLeaks’ founder Julien Assange.  While Hillary Clinton has not as of yet point blank shot anyone, she didn’t have to. ISIS has killed thousands with their own weapons. Hillary Clinton being so greedy as to deal with ISIS is what is truly horrific. What is also horrific is a presidential candidate calling for the assasination of a man by way of a drone. Horrific is that a presidential candidate can still run for president even after threatening to take a man’s life; that man being Julien Assange. While just about everything about and surrounding Hillary Clinton is horrific, what is most horrific, is that the media fails to report on any and all wrong doings by Hillary Clinton.

     At present it pains me to even turn on the television. I no longer feel as though I feel in a country that provides “freedom of speech”. The media has clearly been bought and paid for by Obama and the Clintons. The media no longer reports the news. The media reports the “Clintons”. The news is no longer the news. It is merely a way of our government reporting what they choose for the American people to hear. The news is also about whom the Clintons choose to trash and destroy and what the Clintons choose for the American people to hear. The news it not the news at all. It is a fairy-tale and a nightmare all at the same time. The news is a fairy-tale for the Clintons and Obama while at the same time it is a nightmare for the people of the United States.

  I, yesterday, today, and tomorrow stand with Donald Trump and I will continue to stand with Donald Trump. I will stand by my candidate until election day when I and millions of other Americans vote for him to be the next president of the United States. You see, it doesn’t matter to me what Donald Trump said eleven years ago. It matters what he says today. Donald Trump will close our borders. Hillary will not. Donald Trump will lower taxes for all. Hillary will raise taxes for all. Donald Trump will rebuild a depleted military keeping us safe. Hillary will deplete it even more. Donald Trump will create jobs as he has all his life. Hillary hasn’t a clue on creating jobs, but her tax hike will cost jobs, no doubt. Donald Trump will make better trade deals. Hillary will continue the status quo. Donald Trump will do away with the un-affordable and failed Obama Care. Hillary will keep Obama Care. Donald Trump will rebuild a nation that is in decline while Hillary Clinton, if elected, will be America’s demise. Donald Trump is my candidate, as he is truly a patriot who will make this country great again and safe again! 
(C)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL 2016
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Hillary and funding ISIS;
Hillary Speeches;


The Cost Of Syrian Refugees To You! – Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”

Sean Bianca "GOPGIRL"
Sean Bianca “GOPGIRL”


 Approximately $20,000 is the cost of each Syrian refugee that has been allowed into our country. That means a total of almost $240,000,000 of Americans’ tax dollars is being spent on Syrian refugees. I suspect the number is much higher as it has been rumored that there are many more Syrian refugees. They just aren’t documented. Not to mention that since 2007 the United States has taken in over 100,000 Somali refugees. Why? Why are we doing this? With the United States having a deficit of almost 20 trillion dollars, I ask what are we doing? What are we doing taking in thousands of Syrian and Somalian refugees when we are unable to take care of our own? Not only are we not able to take care of our own people, but we are unable to take care of our own country. Our bridges, dams, and roadways are declining and we are spending money taking in refugees. Why? Our airports are ancient and we are taking in refugees. Why? Our train stations, trains, and our railroads are in decline, and we are taking in refugees. Why? Veterans are dying waiting for much needed health care, and we are taking in refugees. Why? Millions of Americans are out of work and cannot afford health insurance, and we are taking in Syrian refugees. Why? The answer is that we are paying for the mistakes of President Obama and his sidekick Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. Americans are paying for the guilt that both President Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have felt, due to their failure to stand by their meaningless “red line” in the sand. Obama’s do nothing “red line” helped create the Syrian refugee crisis of today.

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Did Hillary Have A Seizure During The First Debate?-Sean Bianca GOPGIRL




 Everyone’s talking about a brand new dance move, come on baby do the “Hillary shimmy”! The “Hillary shimmy”, that’s what everyone is tweeting today. It’s not who won the debate that has Americans talking. It’s Hillary’s new dance move that has Americans really talking. Dancing during a debate? Seriously? Does America really think Hillary Clinton would actually do something so idiotic as to “shimmy” during a presidential debate? Hillary Clinton is a woman. Why on earth would she of all people choose to “shimmy” and make a spectacle of herself on national television? She wouldn’t, and she didn’t. I do believe there was much more going on during the first presidential debate held last night.

    In my opinion, Hillary was not doing a little dance at the podium during last night’s debate. I think America witnessed Hillary having a mini seizure. Hillary’s head bobbled a bit as she did what has been deemed as the “shoulder shimmy”. At the end of the bobble, and “shoulder shimmy” Hillary blows out as if to blow a sigh of relief. Upon looking at the tape anyone with an open mind will agree. Not to mention that as much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, I give her credit for taking a debate a little more seriously than she did last night. The laughter and the smiling were an insult to Americans. The state of the nation is no laughing matter. However, doing a little dance move is even a bit low for the likes of Hillary. My take, Hillary did not mean to be “cute” with her little “shoulder shimmy”. I do believe the nation may quite possibly have witnessed Hillary having a mini seizure. America has seen it before. Hillary in a blue suit jerks her head violently in front of reporters and others. She passed it off then as laughing hysterically. It was a nice try, but America failed to buy her having a riot of a time. Hillary has gotten quite good at hiding her possible seizures with giddiness and ridiculous behavior. Last night was not a time for silliness, it was a time for seriousness. The Hillary “shoulder shimmy” was pure “silliness”. Then again if it were indeed a seizure, it was pure seriousness. 
(c)Sean Bianca GOP GIRL BLOG 2016
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To The Bush Family; Are All Drug Dealers Voting For Hillary? -Sean Bianca GOPGIRLBLOG

 george-bush-sr                                                      g-w-bush
      They say birds of a feather flock together. Once, there was a time when I would disagree with that statement, like when I repeatedly wondered just how former President H.W. Bush could be so chummy with former President Bill Clinton. Just how could a seemingly virtuous, conservative, like H.W. Bush, possibly be anything more than an acquaintance with the amoral, liberal, Bill Clinton? How? How too could G.W.  Bush be so close with Bill Clinton that he would repeatedly consult with former President Clinton during his own presidency? How could the Clintons and Bushs be anything more than a business relationship? How could the families be anything more than cordial? Weren’t the two families on opposite sides of the fence? How could those who seemed so conservative even be in the same room with a liberal?  It just didn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense, until it did, and now it’s making a whole lot of sense.

Fast cars, fancy houses, drug dealing, and wheeling and dealing. It was sunny Miami and life was good. It was the year 2000 and G. W. Bush was following in his father’s footsteps and running for president. G.W. was the Republican hopeful that was to place the republicans back in the White House. Simultaneously, the other Bush son, Jeb, was the Governor of Florida. The Bushs were like the Kennedys, a political dynasty. A political dynasty indeed, but what millions of Americans did not know was that the Bushs were much more than a political dynasty. The Bushs according to many, were shall we say for lack of better wording, “Kingpins”. “Drug Kingpins”. Money laundering, drugs, and dead bodies were the said components of the Bush family. What seemed much like the acclaimed TV series, “Miami Vice”, was the true life story the Bushs.

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