Toni Holt Kramer


The obits have started to pour in. Can’t blame this one on Bush or the rest of the GOP.

The good news is this is being widely reported even by the liberal media and may will enable the GOP to keep the Senate as Bayh, Feingold and others are accountable for this fiasco.

  • Quick fact check:
    Insurance premiums soaring out of sight now that insurance company bailouts are gone and adverse selection rules.
  • Despite paying these ballooning premiums, Obamacare insureds suffer from ruinously high deductibles and bottom-of-the-barrel provider choices.
  • Instead of bending the health-care cost curve, Obamacare will run up our national debt by over $2T in coming years despite having hiked taxes by roughly $1T (Source: Heritage and numerous others).
  • The number of Obamacare enrollees more likely to shrink than rise this coming year (Source S&P).
  • Only 3% more people now insured than before Obama (Could easily have been accomplished with a modest Medicare expansion) —incredibly short of advocate forecasts..
  • Employer health-insurance coverage forecast to decline further under Obamacare (Source: CBO)
  • Obamacare has been a proven job killer-a leading reason why the Obama recovery has been so anemic.
  • Repealing Obamacare would boost GDP (Source CBO and JCT)
  • Obamacare-driven hospital and physician-practice consolidation has led to poorer health care (
  • Coincidently, Obamacare is leading to a physician shortage (
  • Obamacare has fueled the opioid epidemic.
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