Use Your Voice !

I am, but one voice. You are, but another voice. Together, we have the capacity to be over 14 million voices. Together, we can use our voices to take our country back. I believe this is quite possibly the most important election of our lifetime. The stakes are high. Now is not the time to


The top 5 insurers in the United States are opting out of ObamaCare…yes United Healthcare, Aetna Kaiser…etc..have begun the process to unwind ObamaCare…..and here is this yo-yo asking why….lol


Shame on you, members of the establishment not supporting the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. Utter disgust, utter detestation, utter repulsion, and utter repugnance are the emotions I feel at present for the members of the GOP not supporting Donald Trump. Frankly, there are not enough words for for the amount of contempt I have

Tears For America!

A man stood up in front of me as the song, “God Bless America”, played loudly throughout the movie theater. His wife stood up next. The film screen filled up with the picturesque landscape of America. As the film I was watching had just shown America’s fate being at risk, I wanted to stand up as well.


For any of you who don’t want to vote for Trump for whatever reason, it is frankly unimportant until after you read what I am going to say. WE REALLY ARE IN A SUPER HUGE MESS, and if you don’t want to see a third term of Obama, and you don’t want to see a