Nearly 150 come out for Trumpettes luncheon in Palm Beach

By Gregory Cox Daily News Staff Writer Morale was high among the roughly 140 Donald Trump supporters at the Adopt A Trumpette Luncheon in Cafe L’Europe on Saturday, a day after news broke that the FBI was reviewing more emails related to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “We have the best luck in the world,” said


The obits have started to pour in. Can’t blame this one on Bush or the rest of the GOP. The good news is this is being widely reported even by the liberal media and may will enable the GOP to keep the Senate as Bayh, Feingold and others are accountable for this fiasco. Quick

Robert W “Bobby” Hatfield-Lowder (Trumpster)

The Honorable Sir Robert W. “Bobby” Hatfield Lowder, JD, ISF, CIF, Undersecretary of International Humanitarian and Financial Affairs, Global Ambassador, for the United Nations Global Infrastructure, Development and International Finance Agency. Director and/or Trustee for several Trusts which are among the largest in the world which are non financial. Provide capital for humanitarian projects around

Tracie Englen

I have always been a Trump supporter and will be till the day I die!…He is the greatest and WILL make America Great come hell or high water. I am a mother of three daughters and 6 grandchildren.