Rabbi Alan Sherman

Retired Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel US Army (Retired) Former chair of the Palm Beach County Community Relations Board. Awarded honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by the Hebrew Union College and named “Distinguished Rabbi”, Chosen by the Jewish Journal as one of the most influential leaders in South Florida. I recently resigned my membership in the Central

Judy Ellis

Born in the Washington, DC suburbs, I was fed a steady stream of political news, good or bad (mostly bad!), majored in Communication Arts & Design and eventually became my own boss, designing direct mail and fundraising material for many Senators and Congressmen, including the RNCC. I saw lobbyists bob and weave their way through

Anna C. Salvi D’Emilio

I was born in Italy on January 24th 1959. I’m an Italian citizen. I have been moving around the world for many years following my husband that is a civil engineer. From 2006 to 2015 due to my husband job we moved to West Palm Beach (FL). I have spent there the BEST time of

Jenny Jastremski

I came from Shanghai, China when Reagan was the great President of USA. I am in defense industry. I have been very happy since November 8, 2016! Mission: To re-elected President Trump in 2020

Sherry Clutter

Married to Robert Clutter. Small business owner (GB AirLink and GB Express Exports). Airline background. Former US Customs Inspector. Registered Republican. Currently a Volunteer Commander for the Palm Beach Sheriff’s department.

Alfred Zucaro

My wife, Yvonne Boice, and I are ardent supporters of President Trump and have been since the very beginning. I am a member of the REC in PB County, formally its Parliamentarian. I am an attorney practicing in the area of Immigration Law and vehemently oppose open borders and expansive refugee practices. Yvonne is active